Afterword to the “Parable. How unconscious people are manipulated.”

It has been almost two weeks since the unusual story described there, to put it mildly, ended, and it is clearly time to take stock. (See A parable. How unconscious people are manipulated. H1-8)

During this time, my son and I passed by an Indian store several times, but looking through its slightly open door, we never saw Vijay (the seller) there and did not feel the desire to go inside.

Although we understood that we needed to see him for a more complete understanding of what actually happened, where did this story with a lot of incredible and disgusting nightmares come from. Who invented it and why? And how could there be so many reliable facts in this story that Indian could not know?

When we first went to an Indian store to buy turmeric, in our heads was formed a stereotype wabout Indians as people who always get up at dawn with always positive thoughts, do yoga, drink only water and eat a minimum of vegan food, have priority of spiritual values over material ones.

And when entering the store, we were not set up to see how its seller really looks on the energy-informational plan, but simply transferred to him those that we had already existing ideas. And this expected stencil, Viji portrayed himself, and when he also told the story about his 125-year-old compatriot

We involuntarily began to think that most likely he thinks about the same as that, undoubtedly worthy of all respect man, and we became interested in understanding this way of thinking more deeply and even adopting it to some extent.

Why did he pretend to be like this, if in fact, he was completely different? He did not try to sell us anything, on the contrary, he dissuaded us from buying. He, or rather his energy-informational world, apparently wanted to interest us and we so to speak swallowed the “bait”. Then we wanted to share with him and find out his opinion about the horror story that happened in Istanbul (see” Unexplained episodes from everyday life “Season 2. Episode 2. Scary tales told at night”)

“Scary fairy tales… We sent it to him on WhatsApp, because we were interested in understanding how would think and act in our place a person who is not subject to fears and seemed to us a model of the right attitude to life.

This was the beginning of the story, and with it the “film” began using the main plot of “Scary Tales…”, only with other main characters and in another slightly modified, and I would say, perverted version.

I don’t even want to remember these terrible stories about poisoned plums, candies, leashes, collars, handcuffs, the imprisonment of people in a barn, the pogrom of the store. Where did all this dirt come from?

And, surprisingly, Vijay all these horror stories, which it was unbearable to even listen to, told completely emotionless, with empty eyes and an absent look, which made a very strange impression. So what is this Vijay really like and what energy-informational worlds are contained in him? And finally today we came up and decisively pulled the door handle of an Indian store.

This time the Indian was sitting at his desk and when he saw us, he smiled. It became for some reason very funny to me, just like it was then in Istanbul, when we already realized that all the horrors were just a show and after that we passed by Erol store.

“Hi, how are you? It seems you’ve already come, but I forgot what business.

“What is it?” – the Indian asked.

“Do you have any senna grass on sale?” – I got an Indian record with Indian pills “Senade” He looked at it and turned it over in his hands.

“No, unfortunately”

“Don’t you remember the story you told us?” – my son asked.

“No, I just remember that we definitely saw each other and that’s it, but I don’t remember what we talked about. I have an extra job right now, so I don’t even have time to sleep.”

“Listen, and Thomas, an elderly Georgian on a Nissan did not come to you?”

“No, I don’t remember that…”

To be continued

Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2 Episode 4. Eden. Part 5 Expulsion from Eden.

We asked Julia for photos of the apartment and she sent them to me by e-mail. We decided to look at them on a laptop before making a decision, and what was our surprise and shock when, after the photographs of the apartment, suddenly appeared … photographs of the funeral agency.

“I’m sure these photos were not in the letter” – I told my son and we opened the letter on the phone and really made sure that there were no additional photos there.
But on the laptop they were …

Nevertheless, although we were already clearly warned about the possible consequences, not by people, and there was a WASHING machine in the apartment (see Unexplained episodes from everyday life Season 1, Episode 5), we decided to go to Byala with suitcases, especially since the deadline for the second month of rent at Villa Eden have already expired.

And the next morning we informed Lyubov, the owner of the apartment in Eden, that we were moving out. And called Julia and said that we were leaving for Byala, but she suggested that we wait a little, arguing that the apartment was not connected to electricity and it might take an hour, or maybe a day, to connect it.
We stood hesitantly at the entrance to the apartment and pondered how best to act. At that moment, as if suggesting a solution, the door in the bathroom slammed shut in front of our nose and we could hear that there spontaneously turned on and water began to pour.
And the front door remained open, clearly hinting “Well, go already!”

This prompted us to finally make a decision, we took our suitcases and went to the bus station.

And in a couple of hours we were already in Byala.

There, hospitable Svetlana met us in a car and we decidedly went to look at the apartment and settle down in it.

On the way, we stopped by paying for the Internet and, having entered the apartment, decided to immediately connect it. Svetlana called son to help her look at the password written on the router itself, and he was struck by the numbers 1 9 4 in the password, which already clearly showed us that nothing good can be expected here.

Unaware of these strange circumstances, Svetlana was busy checking the operation of the air conditioner, looking for bed linen, towels and showing us everything that was in the apartment.
“Well, I basically showed you everything.
Let’s make yourself comfortable, and I’ll come back later”- Svetlana said goodbye to us and as soon as the door slammed behind her, at the same moment the WASHING machine immediately got into a fighting stance,

The red light of the network lit up bloodthirsty and belligerent. The son went to the bathroom and the door behind him slammed shut by itself and then it shut itself on the lock and I heard water pouring from the taps …
We didn’t wait any longer.
“Please open the door and don’t pour water. We’re leaving” – I asked.
A minute later, the bathroom door opened and we, taking our things, ran out of the apartment, forgetting in the middle of it our slippers, already pulled out of the suitcase …

I immediately called our landlady in Eden and she gave us the go-ahead for our return.
Only it was extremely inconvenient to inform two wonderful women that we were leaving back to Varna, and it was even more difficult to formulate a reasonable reason for such a decision.
They tried to persuade us to stay, or at least stay overnight, and we muttered something unarticulate in response, realizing that it was not in our power to stay, and as a result, Svetlana took us to the bus stop and after an hour and a half anxious waiting there, we got on a minibus to Varna.
From the minibus, as if anticipating something was wrong, I began to call Lyubov, the owner of the apartment in Eden again, but she did not pick up the phone for a long time, and then her husband answered the phone and said
“We changed our minds. Since you’ve already left, now look for another apartment. Goodbye.”

It turned out that we were kicked out of the apartment in Eden, and we were not allowed into another apartment.
What made the owners in Eden change their mind so abruptly was absolutely incomprehensible.
And when we, preoccupied with new problems, arrived in Varna, it was already seven in the evening and it had long been dark, a cold December night was falling, and the wheel of the suitcase brought, which made it difficult for our fast movement.
“Where to go, what to do?”
After thinking, we decided to go back to the hotel with the “warm” name of the Moroccan city “Casablanca” and a friendly hostess there.

Surprisingly, all the rooms were occupied, but the hostess recognized us and provided us with a very small and narrow annex with a separate entrance, most likely intended for the staff, where we found shelter for a couple of days, during which we rented a cozy two-room apartment with a spacious kitchen on T. Ikonomov street, not far from the University of Economics and the Seaside Park.

To be continued


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Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2 Episode 4. Part 5. The Exile from Eden.

“Dear customer! Due to a military emergency, some amount may be charged from your account. Thank you for your understanding and your patriotism!”

We saw such a notice in the application of our Israeli bank Leumi on one of the cold winter nights of the coming December in the apartment in Eden.

“How? Listen, do you think this note is a scam?” – I asked my son.

“I don’t know. Most likely. But …” – he replied.

“In short, get dressed, let’s go …”

We did not hesitate, got dressed and with a quick, athletic step went to the nearest ATM, which was located next to the Varna Free University.

“It is likely that this is a scam and a fake note, but it may well turn out to be “prophetic” – I said.

“Yes, it’s much calmer this way” – added the son when we took the entire balance from the bank card.

“Moreover, we have already been repeatedly warned about this by Avner, or his fake, but the fact is that we did not listen to this.”

“Yes, most likely, that’s why our energetic worlds have resorted to a more effective remedy” – I added and we both laughed.

And Avner, always a balanced, friendly entrepreneur, a diver from Eilat was also always in touch and was always ready to help with practical advice.

And by Christmas and by the beginning of the new 2021, the time of visa-free travel in Bulgaria was coming to an end, and we categorically did not want to go to neighboring countries in such cold weather and on a holiday, except for Turkey, to which it was still too early to return.

We went to the migration bureau in Varna and its boss, a pleasant, benevolent woman, Diana, said to us then seemed strange phrase “Yes, I do not advise you to go to neighboring countries, they are like circles of hell. And now it’s not a problem to extend a tourist visa, you just need a notarized contract for an apartment and insurance. Bring these documents to about the date of December 10″ – continued Diana

Here I cannot but express my gratitude to Julia and Svetlana, whom we met through the Facebook group and who provided us with a notary-certified apartment contract completely disinterestedly!!!

We made all the necessary papers and took them to the Migration Office for the extension of the tourist visa.

“Come for an answer in two weeks” – they told us there.

And while we were standing in line to apply, we met both Diana and Nikolai.

Diana was clearly alarmed by something and she had no time for talking to us, and Nikolai, who always liked to chat, immediately called us back:
“Hello! This is a work phone, it is not tapped, and I want to tell you that unpleasant events have begun to take place here recently.
Some strange people came to my boss Diana’s home yesterday and threatened her, then her relative was kidnapped. What exactly was the matter, she did not even understand. You see, the military was called to investigate this case.”

A group of military men actually stood outside the Migration office.

“Yaron” – I said – “Nikolai likes to invent some kind of incomprehensible stories. I’m tired of it all and I don’t want to hear them anymore. I think we need to be more interested in our own life, right?” – I asked my son.

“Yes, of course. Goodbye, Nikolai. Sorry, we are busy now.” – the son ended the conversation with him.

And Julia, meanwhile, offered to move to the city of Byala, to an apartment in the same house where Svetlana lived.

The price for the apartment, respectively, was two times lower than in Varna. Byala is a very small seaside town or even a village about halfway between Varna, the largest sea city and seaport in the country, and Burgas, the second largest seaside city and port.

We asked Julia for photos of the apartment and she sent them to me by e-mail. We decided to look at them on a laptop before making a decision, and what was our surprise and shock when, after the photos of the apartment, suddenly appeared …

photos of the funeral agency.

Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2. Episode 4. Eden. Part 4. New adventures told by the voice of Aviv.

Late November evening we heard the call

“Shalom, friends!” – a familiar voice said to us.

“Aviv, is it you? How glad we are to you! As always, you have such a cheerful voice, but we are completely bored here, in Bulgaria, it is cold and dreary here …”

“So you are in Bulgaria … I don’t know where it is. Near Turkey? Is it very cold now?”

“No, we have great weather. Ross (Aviv’s friend) and me are here in northern Thailand in Chiang Mai for about a month now …

There are few tourists now and everything is quite cheap here. We rented part of the villa, the owner is friendly.

Ross has a remote job, he retouches, in general, he does something with photographs on some American website, and we have enough for life and even for daily parties. Ross just loves them, and I’m tired of them.

What’s wrong here? Long expensive flight, and visa-free travel is already ending, it is only thirty days. An acquaintance of Ross promised to extend our tourist visa, but I don’t know if he can be trusted. I don’t like it here at all, and Ross is just a fan of the place. He made his tattoos here and wants to add more, although it seems that nowhere to put them.
Yes, you have a financial problem?
Yes, I understand you as well as possible. Okay! I’ll try to send you some money now.
Tell me your credit card number. Dictate! Yes. Yes, I’m trying to send …
It seems to work, it took you $ 150. Do not be offended that it is not enough. I helped as much as I could.
Bye guys, Ross is calling me. Call us! Not in the morning … We don’t like to get up early.”

“What do you think of that?” – I asked.

“Ross truely, when he was in the diving club said that he got a tattoo in Chaing Mai and would like to go there again” – the son replied.

“Did I mean Aviv or not?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. What do you think?”

“I don’t want to guess if it’s him or not. Tired of it. Let’s better see if the money has come, and this will most likely be the answer to the question.”


After looking at the balance on the bank card the next day, we saw that the money really came, and about a week later we decided to register an electronic wallet and knowing that Aviv is an expert in this matter, we called him again.

“Shalom! I can’t speak for a long time now.
We are sitting with Ross in the cellar and do not know what to do. The owner runs back and forth, swears, yells so that we hide, that we have put him in a difficult position, and if the neighbors see us and report to the police that we have been here for more than a month without an official extension, they may consider him our accomplice … and he will be prosecuted.

The situation is dire!

The man who took the money for the extension of the visa said that everything is fine, that we had received the extension.
Ross and I were delighted, went to the migration office, where they showed us something on a computer in Thai, but they did not put any extension stamp on our passports. In response to our questions about this, the office worker said that it is the 21st century and they no longer put such stamps in passports, and again showed us something in the computer, written in their font, where of course we did not understand a single letter.

We went to the migration office again the next day, but with the same success. There was an employee who spoke no English at all, and the next day was already the thirtieth.

And now the man Ross found says the extension has failed and demands more money from us to do it retroactively.
And our host, a Thai about 60 years old, of short stature, when he found out the name of the one through whom we wanted to extend the visa, turned pale, then blushed and began yelling at us, running around the house and hitting dishes.

“Do you even know who you got in touch with? Why didn’t you ask me? Why are you such donkeys? Your so-called “friend” will now demand money until they run out, and then take you to the Golden Triangle, where you will finish your stupid lives on pointless work, understand? And he will offer me either to bear criminal responsibility for what I was hiding you, it’s 15 years in prison, or to make from my so hard-earned villa a den and serve his gang for the rest of my life. You goofs! Do you understand something? I don’t know what to do now!” – he shouted.

In general, we should probably try to leave to the nearest border, this is the border with Myanmar, the main thing is not to get caught by the police on the way. Maybe at the border they will simply take a fine from us and prohibit entry into the country in the future.

But it is dangerous to drive, there are police checkpoints at the exit from the city because of the threat of the coronavirus. In general, we do not know what to do …”

“Well, guys, you are in such trouble. And why did you have to stay, not understanding whether there is an extension or not. Such games with the migration service are not played.”

“Yes, but Ross trusted him, but the main thing now is what to do?”

“We only think to go to the border and leave as soon as possible. There is no other way out. Good luck!” – we finished our conversation with Aviv.

“Don’t you think, Yaron, that we are again in the maelstrom of other people’s, most likely fake business, instead of doing ours?” – I asked.

“I think this is the right thought” – the son replied …

And the money, as it turned out, was sent by our relative Vlad, to whom I simply cannot express my boundless gratitude for his disinterested help. Our endless thankfulness and low bow to you for the real support provided to us and for your kind heart!!!

Paranormal virus 2. Part 2.

“Ask him to tell the phone number from which the call was.” – I said

When Vijay began to tell the number, there was no longer any doubt …

“Is this really my old acquaintance I.? Is it possible?”

The Indian dictated two numbers and both of them belonged to I.

And in the evening, already in person, Vijay said that the same guy and man called 47 times and demanded that he tell them the herb that lengthens life.

“Could it be that I. was so impressed by the story of a 125-year-old Indian that he found the phone number of the Batumi store on the Internet and started calling there?”

“Just what was the purpose of the call? Does he really believe that there is some kind of herb growing in India that can prolong life and the seller in the store knows and will name it?” – I asked.

“I don’t know. It’s strange, but in principle it’s probably” – answered the son.

I sent I. a note asking if he called Vijay.

His answer shocked me.

“Leaking my phone numbers, you set me up. I need to take action.” – he wrote.

I felt uncomfortable with such an answer from I. There was absolutely no logic in it, which was usually inherent in him in everyday matters. In this case, I absolutely could not understand what caused such an inadequate, in my opinion, reaction to the story about a 125-year-old Indian, and most importantly, to my note.

I did not give I’s phone number to anyone, and no one asked me for it. How could I set him up and what measures is he going to take?

I told him that I did not tell anyone him number, and he himself called to the Indian store and it looks like our communication ended … forever.

In general, I did not become particularly worried, realizing in the depths of myself that despite many years of acquaintance, the gap between us was still inevitable.

Then, I began to analyze the incident in more detail.

I. and his father worked in special forces and of course he was always very careful, and would never call an Indian store from her phone number, and even more so with some controversial question.

And in that note, he reproaches me for giving the numbers of both him phones to the Indian. That is, he probably thought that when Vijay told the region where the calls were from, I guessed that he called and told him his phone numbers. This is logical.

Then how could Vijay find out him phone numbers, if he did not call from them, and I didn’t tell him them either?
Here’s what was unclear.

And here the small episode described at the very beginning of the article that took place in Antalya, when a man who overtook us on the street, gave an answer to our question, not knowing its essence, came to the aid of my imagination.

Apparently, he just himself did not understand what he said and why, and then most likely forgot about it.

Something similar could have happened to Vijay.

Calling us the phone numbers of I., he, apparently, did not understand what he was saying, but simply repeated what some inner voice or the energy-informational world that was in it and cooperated with some energy world in us prompted him. Having told I.’s numbers, he, most likely, immediately forgot them.

And our energetic worlds, apparently, did not like the stubbornness of I. and his energoworlds for a long time and they wanted to break this communication forever.
What they did well.

We can say that for I. they again used a new personal type of virus.
Good luck and health to you, I.!

And we notice more and more how amazing this Life is!

And we continue our journey through it with you, dear readers!

Paranormal virus 2.

“It is so!” – said, turning to us, a 50-year-old man overtaking us, looking European.

He said this at a time when my son and I were walking down the street and discussing one serious enough for us
question, but could not come to the conclusion whether this is so.

It turned out that he, seemingly not knowing it himself, as if he gave the answer to our question.

But we spoke in a different language and he clearly could not understand what our conversation was about, and most likely he himself did not understand what he said and why he did it.

But then we were amazed.

I think if we caught up with him and asked what he meant by saying this, then most likely he would have been surprised, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Guys, I didn’t tell you anything.”

This little episode, which took place in Antalya, in Turkey, helped me now in solving the puzzle why I. (see “Paranormal Virus on Whatsapp”) decided to break off all communication with me.

It turned out that the story “The paranormal virus on WhatsApp” unexpectedly received a continuation, though not on Whatsapp (in which my account by I. was already blocked), but nevertheless with the mediation of the phone.

About ten days ago I. she sent me a note by mail, and in return I sent him the first, already published part of “The Parable. How Unconscious People Are Manipulated”.

In which I mentioned a story told to us by salesman Vijay in an Indian store in Batumi, Georgia.

According to Vijay, his friend, who was flying through the Dubai airport, told him that their compatriot had checked in with him for the flight to Los Angeles … born in 1895, and the airport workers could not believe that this active Indian man … 125 years old.

In my letter, I also told I. that published that story about the virus on Whatsapp.

In response, I received a rather aggressive note in which she accused me of lying, writing that he found this story about a 125-year-old Indian on the Internet and in fact it happened in 2019. Therefore, everything I write about also contains partially false information.

It is likely that Vijay lied about the fact that his friend was flying in the same plane with a 125-year-old compatriot, but I did not answer I. so as not to get involved in a pointless, time-consuming and energy-consuming dialogue.

Since I knew that I., I repeat once again, is a wonderful person, but adheres exclusively to conservative views, absolutely denying the possibility of phenomena unexplained by traditional science and not only to convince him of anything else, even on the basis of the facts given, is impossible, but even hypothetically to assume that there may be something different from him views, he is not ready. And even the very possibility of such an assumption completely drives him out of himself.

The next day after exchanging letters with I., Vijay informed us about a strange call from two unknown numbers

“They did not call my personal number, but the work phone indicated in the advertisement of the store.
The conversation was somehow strange and unpleasant.
A young guy called, he spoke English well, and next to him was apparently an older man. He was shouting something into the phone in an incomprehensible language.
The guy insisted that the story of a 125-year-old man was a disgusting publicity stunt to trick people and sell as many of his goods as possible to simpletons who take everything I say at face value.
What did they want? I do not know.”

“Ask him to tell the phone number from which the call was.” – I said

When Vijay started calling the numbers, there was no longer any doubt …

Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2. Episode 4. Eden. Part 4. There is no need to rush to the Paradise!

We changed our minds to go down further.

“Do you think are here dogs? So they are trained, because they don’t bark” – I asked.

“It looks like that” – answered the son.

“What or who are they keeping watching over?”


At one time we were very fond of going down to the sea in the evening, passing by the brightly lights of the Kabakum hotel.

But then began to feel not very comfortable there because of the almost complete absence of people and the rather large flocks of large stray dogs constantly encountered along the road.

So, we almost decided to move to “Paradise”…

“Rai” in Bulgarian means Paradise

At the end of the first month of the rent.

However, it turned out that we told about this offer to our friend from the migration bureau, Nikolay. He became very interested, because for him the payment of utilities was a problem and we laughed to tears when he told us that in winter he sleeps at night in the same shoes in which he comes from the street, because it is very cold, and the money to pay for the round-the-clock air conditioner does not have.

“How can you sleep with your boots on?” – I asked.

“Of course I wipe them with a rag and go to bed. Otherwise, you can freeze” – Nikolay answered.

It also turned out that, just in time, his good friend left for Sofia, a capital of Bulgaria, on that very day, giving the man the opportunity to use his car.

And a few hours after the conversation, our friend had already gone and looked at the offered apartments.

“Hello! The apartment is just great, warm and sunny. And the price is excellent. But there is a very big …
I would advise you to refuse the rent.
That’s what alerted me.
The first is the relationship between the owner and his wife. She is clearly afraid of him and rather it seems that she is in some kind of slavish dependence on him.
I looked up the papers and found that she was a tourist who had lived there for several months.
Then, it looks like he put her on a hook, making some dirt.
The second is that the hotel owner apparently has preferential rates for electricity and water. Why?
I have long spied the password from Diana, my chef, and decided to make inquiries about this person through her computer. So, access to information about him is closed.
And your stay there may not end well, but he also does not need to arouse suspicion. Go to the owner of “Paradise” and tell them that your plans have changed due to the arrival of relatives who have already rented an apartment for you.
This is my advice to you. “

The next day we decided to do so, but our way was as if blocked by the car of the funeral agency, which was parked near the “Diva” apartments on the way to the Paradise hotel.

We saw how the cargo corresponding to its purpose was taken out of the apartments and put into the car.

This sight shocked me and I told my son

“I’m not ready to move to that hotel by no means!”

In fact, this car seemed to have drawn some kind of invisible line, which we could not cross and we never reached the hotel.

And since then, we involuntarily began to pay attention to this noticeable car, and I must say, for some unknown reason, we regularly saw it in the vicinity – when we stood at a bus stop or went to the store. It began to seem to us more and more strange.

“It seems that some very old people live in “Diva”, but they don’t die every day” – my son and I were perplexed.

To be continued…

Parable 8. How unconscious people are manipulated

Saturday came. In the morning we heard Leah, the landlady of the house, aggressively shouting something in Georgian. Closer to lunchtime, we saw that Thomas got into the car and drove off somewhere, and Leah waved her hand to us with a pleased smile.

We left the house and after walking two or three blocks, we saw that a guy on a lilac scooter stopped on the road next to us, he took off his helmet and smiled, and I was surprised to recognize him as Gauta, an Indian messenger who is in charge of delivering food.

“Hi, something new.
About twenty minutes ago, one of the brothers who had arrived from Istanbul was kidnapped. The one who is smaller, in expensive clothes and with excellent hairstyle, his name begins with “E.” He was walking along the boulevard, yes, along Independence Street, a car stopped nearby and he was dragged inside. In general, this does not surprise me, it’s lunchtime. Now we are meeting, discussing the situation … Come to the store after four, there will be news” – he said.

“This is already beyond all boundaries! Lunch time? What an idiotic joke? Independence Street is the Turkish word for Istiklal, the most famous street in Istanbul.”

Maybe they read the episode “Scary Tales Told at Night” that we sent to Vijay and came up with this story?

But how do they know what Erol looked like, where the apartments rented out by brothers were, and that Erol owns the hotel where he lives? These are real existing facts that Vijay and Gauda told us, but we did not write this in the episodes.

How could they know this?

We reached the house and while I was setting the table, my son called me to see how the views on WordPress changed while we were leaving.

“Look how strange it is!” – he said

“What else is strange? I’m already tired of all these oddities! Well, speak up soon …

And, yes, 99 views from Georgia, from where there was never a single one … This is really strange … “

In the evening we reached an Indian store and through its open door we saw that at Vijay’s table there was a man with white skin, obviously not an Indian, but rather a Georgian, and it seemed he was checking some kind of reporting.

We were inconveniet to come in and decided to call the Indian.
He went out onto the porch of the store and, as usual, dumbfounded us with the news. He said that from the store’s account at 5-6 in the evening there was a large amount of money has been written off and my uncle is very angry about this.

“Yes, it’s just strange that his uncle turns out to be not an Indian, but a Georgian” – said the son.

On Sunday morning, waking up in the morning, we did not hear the presence of our neighbors, an elderly couple with a little granddaughter, who were renting part of the house next to us.
And by about eleven o’clock I was seized by the strongest anxiety, my heartbeat increased. In addition to this, the curtains in the bedroom began to close by themselves, as then at the villa “Eden” in Golden Sands and the window was blocked.

I began to feel some kind of panic, it is not clear where it came from fear and asked my son to get out and leave the house as soon as possible.

We decided to go see an Indian or a hostel since we didn’t get what it is.
We went to the address indicated by Vijay but didn’t find either a temple nor a hostel and found there by some reason already familiar house (the fragment associated with it I will describe in detail later in Unexplained episodes) and which symbolized real danger for us.

We decided to move in the direction of the Indian store and by the way we saw the messenger Gauda passing by. He stopped when he saw us, he smelled strongly of alcohol.

I don’t know the address of the temple, I just take my mother there to work, but I don’t understand these Georgian hieroglyphs.
Let’s meet outside the store in an hour. Vijay’s uncle yelled at me a lot yesterday.
Yes, and yesterday your elderly neighbors together with their granddaughter were taken out of the house, because they saw how Erol was abducted”

“What an impossible nonsense!
All street names in Batumi are duplicated in English.
However, the neighbors were really not at home, most likely they just left. But how could he know that?”

Taking the phone out, I saw that Vijay to whom we wrote a note asking for getting the exact address of the temple (hostel), in reply wrote to us “Please do not call me more, contact Gouda”

“You know, let’s decide, from now on this story no longer exists for us, but only our real Amazing Life exists!” – I said to my son.

And we went to look for a hairdresser to cut his overgrown hair, by address told by Vijay. But predictably it wasn’t there.

“Remember how much he lied to us …” – my son told me

“You know, I think that Thomas never went to an Indian store at all, but I still wonder, without any offense, ask Viji why he came up with all this?”

We reached an Indian store, but neither me nor my son wanted to go there. And through the open door we saw another man at the seller’s place.

tsa another man.

As soon as we moved away from the store, a heavy downpour began.

“What a pity that I left the yoga hammock outside, it will get wet and dirty now” – I said.

“Yes, I have not seen such a rain yet and it is not going to end” – answered the son.

We stood for some time under a canopy, and then, like the rain subsided a little and we ran to the house.

“Hi, Maayan! Your hammock is under the awning below. Tomasi, as it started to rain, immediately ran to take it off.” – Leah greeted us as soon as we opened the gate of the house that lodged us.

“What wonderful hosts we have!” – I said, looking at the intensified rain again, which seemed to wash away from us, from the yard, from this story, all the accumulated dirt.

The show is over! Curtain! Applause!

And the analysis of the performance from the energy-informational point of view is in the next episode.

To be continued…

Parable 7. How unconscious people are manipulated.

Thursday morning we phoned Vijay again:

“Hello! Turks suggest where the missing guys are and intend to think over and implement an operation to rescue them in the near future” – he said.

However, the tension in the house only increased in the evening.

Neither Leah (the landlady), nor any of her and Thomas’s three daughters were visible all day.

We felt that it was already unbearably difficult to be there.

Thomas was again fiddling with some kind of metal post, welding something to it, but he looked just awful.

“Let’s go for a little walk and maybe reach an Indian store.
I can’t be here anymore” – I said to my son.

It was 8 pm when we came to Vijay, he was counting the sales for the day in a notebook and was about to close the store.

“Hello!” – he said and smiled.

“Let me write you the phone number of a guy you can turn to if you decide to move. The adress I have already given you.
The Turks visited the owner of your house today, they asked his daughters to leave for a while, and they did so.
The Turks warned him that they were going to rescue the missing Indians, and if something suddenly happened to any of them or someone attacked them, the Georgian would answer with his head.
In general, I would advise you to return to Israel. Life there is incomparably better” – Vijay told us.

“How I want to go to those places that seem to call me, to Arizona, where my favorite saguaros grow.

Oh, yes, but what should we do today?” – I asked.

“Go home and spend the night in the same house with some crazy maniac, or is it better to go to the dormitory of a Hindu temple? Or maybe all this is Vijay and Gauda’s inventions? Thomas doesn’t look like a maniac at all. True, we do not know what a real maniac looks like. But obviously somehow differently” – we began to ponder the situation.

All the way we were indecisive, but after going up to the house and stomping around the entrance a little, we decided not to run away from stupid fears and stay overnight in a rented apartment.

At night, I woke up somewhere at half past one and felt some indescribable, pleasant movement, a bit like a pulsation, inside me. This made me happy and reassured.

And in the morning after breakfast, I saw Thomas’s sister coming down the stairs with a suitcase.

“Good morning!
Have you decided to go somewhere?” – I asked

“Yes, to Turkey for medicines. There are cheap medicines and clothes” – she replied.

“Is she just running away from here?” – we thought.

Later Vijay called us again and told us the following.

“Hi! The guys were found and, in compensation for the damage, the Georgian was forced to sign a paper that he was giving them that land of 7 thousand acres.”


In the evening of the same day, my son and I went for an evening walk

“Look, on the other side of the street, people are again crowding with flowers in mourning clothes … so again, here in this small district for the third time in two months of our stay here, someone has died?” – I remarked.

“And for the past few days, you and I have seen the cars of the funeral agency with the curtains drawn almost every day … How strange it all is …

“We often saw such a car in Bulgaria, when we lived at the Villa Eden.

And we are publishing the episode about our adventures there, just now.

But why have we never seen anything like this either in Israel or in Turkey?
Of course, there are more elderly people in Georgia, but not that much? What’s the matter? It is not clear …” – the son continued the theme.

To be continued…

Parable 6 How unconscious people are manipulated.

“Why didn’t they make him tell them the address where he put the missing guys?” – I asked.

“Thomas completely turned off, he was apparently pumped up with alcohol and drugs to the limit and it was already completely useless to talk to him.
And the phone was blocked.
The Georgian woke up 2.5 hours later and, as if nothing had happened, went home. This was reported by the security guard in the cafe.
Atharv and his Turkish friends are shocked by the lack of motive for the crimes committed.” – Vijay told us in a tired voice.

When my son and I came from the grocery store at lunchtime on Tuesday, the owner of our house, as usual, was engaged in house improvement, he talked about his plans for economic affairs, and how he did business in Trabzon (Turkey) many years ago, but the expression in his eyes was quite aggressive.

It was a strange conversation. I spoke to him, trying to understand and put in my head at least some logical picture of what was happening.

And on Wednesday, July 7, at lunchtime, we decided to go to the Indian store again, to find out the news about the missing.

Vijay looked sad and tired.

“Hi! Someone broke the store door last night.
Moreover, the burglar was apparently very arrogant and inept, he made a lot of noise, trying to break the door, and alarmed the residents of the neighboring houses, who in the morning began to ask in the shops next to ours about what happened at night.
To fix the door, I had to call the master, and then I found a bug with a friend, which was apparently the target of the cracker.

The Turks who arrived, with the help of a police officer they knew, managed to figure out the address by phone number and they found that shed with traces of the life of my missing friends, but they themselves were no longer there.
The Turks examined 4 dachas belonging to a Georgian, his wife and his deceased mother, but they did not find the guys, but they saw many objects indicating that something terrible was happening there – handcuffs, something like leashes, apparently intended for people, traces of blood and many other things, which, I’m afraid to even suggest, because they said that they told me only 10 percent of everything they saw.
One of the Turks who arrived was just from Trabzon, where Thomas lived and did business in the 90s. The Turk said that this Georgian is still hanging on their stand of wanted criminals and Turkey was seeking his extradition.”

Vijay and a friend Gouda who came to see him invited us, in case of problems or even just like that, to move to live with them in a hostel.

“Food is free there, vegetables and fruits are always there.
And my mom cooks very tasty. Come, we will be glad.” – said Vijay’s friend and suddenly smiled broadly.

“We are very grateful to you for such an offer.
But let’s hope for a positive development of the situation.” – we answered and left the store.

“Thank you, of course, a very nice offer. But the story is somehow delusional, there are too many horrors. Maybe all this is a lie?
But how did they know then that Thomas lived and worked in Trabzon and that his mother had recently died?” – I asked my son.

“It’s not clear” – he replied.

Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2. Episode 4. Eden. Part 3: Ariel, you are definitely a fake! Dilemma — Eden or Paradise?

“Hi! Ariel K is listening.”

“Where are you?”

“I am still in Eilat, but I have already sat out here, I am thinking of going to Mexico in Tulum or Cancun and opening a diving club there, I have a Mexican work visa, it is valid for more than six months. I will be glad if you come with us. Adam will also join soon.” – this was the new version of events, voiced by Ariel’s voice over the phone.

We supported this conversation with very moderate enthusiasm and understandable inner distrust, not really believing that this was the real Ariel. Although the timbre of the voice, intonation, manner of speaking exactly corresponded to a real freediver.

“Ask Ariel to talk to us via video communication, too” – I asked my son.

“Yes, of course, I do not mind” – answered the voice of the freediver and immediately the image turned on in the messenger and we really saw Ariel on the balcony of a friend’s apartment against the backdrop of the Edom Mountains, and the son even took his photo or rather a screenshot during a conversation.

Red Sea

“I read on the news – he said – that in Tulum, this is the center of freeliving and yoga, there is a villa of the well-known actor the Rock, I would really like to teach him freeliving …”

We did not ask Ariel whether he was fake or not, but with each new conversation with him it became more and more obvious.

But what should we do next? It was only towards the end of our stay at the Villa Eden that we began to understand that most likely none of our Eilat acquaintances was going to leave anywhere.
An acquaintance of ours, leading personal growth trainings, always advised us to state our problems on paper, and we decided to give it a try. Before going to bed, we wrote down our concerns on a piece of paper.
Imagine my surprise when in the morning, having looked at this sheet, I saw that there, in place of the questions, the answers to our questions were written in my son’s handwriting.
At that moment, I did not understand how this could be, but did not particularly think about it. They did not write anything interesting that remained in our memory.

The next morning I got up and, not finding my laptop in the usual place, asked my son:

“Do you know where the computer might be? Did you leave it on the couch in the living room as usual?”

“Yes, of course. You know, I think you shouldn’t worry about this, I think it’ll show up in a few hours.”

For about a month, the laptop disappeared every night and appeared at lunchtime when we came with purchases from a local store, near which there was a fenced area, which was a real … dump.
It was in that apartment that such a strange thing happened periodically. When I went into the bathroom, the curtains were closing in the bedroom.

This made me feel uncomfortable and I usually tried to open them as soon as possible.

The end of October came, it was getting colder and colder, I didn’t want to sit in the yard at all. In recent years, we lived in the hot desert climate of Eilat, which we loved so much, and we did not have warm clothes and we posted an ad to the Varna Facebook group. Many thanks to everyone who responded and warmed us not only with warm donations, but also with human warmth. It was very pleasant and touching and gave us the opportunity not to freeze in the cold Bulgarian winter.

As I said, by the end of the first month of our stay in Varna, it got very cold. And in the vast majority of houses there was no central heating, the apartments were heated by air conditioning and a very decent amount could run up in a month, and we found a nearby hotel for students of the Varna Free University “Paradise”, where all utilities were immediately included in the inexpensive payment. We found this proposal very interesting. “Paradise” was located on a vacant lot, on a hill, and a beautiful panoramic view of the sea opened from its windows.

The side of the apartment was sunny, which is a very serious plus for the winter. We often walked by this hotel.

And its owner, a cheerful and very sociable man, every time shouted to us “How are you, young people?”

Once, when we passed by, he asked “Would you like me to reserve you the best room in the hotel for free?”

“Yes, perhaps the last b etter option for the winter is hard to find, we will move on November 6, when our paid period at Villa Eden ends” – I replied.

And down from the “Paradise”, past some trees and bushes, fenced off by a high fence made of a metal mesh, a partially collapsed path descended directly to the sea, along which usually no one walked.
In the evening, the bright lights of the lanterns lit up near the hotel, but this path leading down to the sea was completely drowned in darkness.

And one evening my son and I decided to go down it.

“What are we afraid of, it’s just dark here and that’s it” – we thought, but when we went down a couple of flights of stairs, we were stopped by strange sounds coming from behind the fence. There was someone breathing and the crackling of bushes, apparently when some rather large animals moving…
We changed our minds to go down further …

To be continued…

A parable. How unconscious people are managed. Part 5.

It was the beginning of the eleventh o’clock in the evening, my son and I were already going to bed when we saw that a bright light was on in the garage and literally a minute later it went out and we heard the noise of a car driving away.

“Usually that late Thomas doesn’t go anywhere” – the son said.

“Let’s better focus on our business. Good night, my dear!” – I replied.

The next day, Monday afternoon, we went to the Indian store.

Vijay looked very tired and worn out.

“Hello! I could not sleep all night, all these recent events are so difficult. Vihaan is in intensive care, his condition is still serious, friends are dissappeared. I don’t understand why everything is so cruel?
The police said that my missing friends boarded bus route 16, which runs across the south beach to the Turkish border. I find it hard to believe. Why would they do this?”

“And yet” – he added – “Atharv left for here, several Turkish men from Istanbul will also come, including two brothers who rent apartments in the center of Istanbul and own a hotel in the area where there are many mosques. The elder brother is a big man in the literal sense of the word, that is, he is very tall, and the younger brother has not grown up to him, but has taken place in business.”

We had already left the store and walked a little, when suddenly we stopped, simply dumbfounded with surprise, “Is it really Erol and Emre?”


Those brothers from whom we rented an apartment? The Erol who, according to the fake story, was kidnapped? That Emre from whose phone number, his voice, did the fake tell us so many horrors? (See more Unexplained episodes in everyday life. Season 2. Episode 2 Scary tales told at night. Part 2)

Is it possible such a coincidence that they come from Istanbul, almost thirty million city?

We just have posted a new post and heard Vijay’s call.

“Hi! Yesterday Atharv and the guys from Turkey arrived, they went together in search of the guys and Thomas. They went to the police, to a familiar policeman – a Turk, and he told them the addresses of all the apartments and land plots of the owner of your house.
And they drove out of town, where there was a large land holding of a Georgian.
On the road, several cars ahead, they seemed to have seen his car, but due to heavy traffic, they could not catch up with it. Frustrated, they drove into a Turkish cafe.

Sat there to rest and relax a bit, and again went in search. Having somewhat lost his attentiveness after drinking a beer in a cafe, the driver did not notice a broken bottle on the road and punctured the tire.

They had to look for the nearest tire fitting. The tire was changed there, but the employee had no change and he said that he was going to change a bill in a cafe nearby. And before that he was shown a photograph of the wanted person.

The worker went to a cafe, successfully changed money, and suddenly in the open door of the toilet at the exit he saw a man sitting in a booth. He compared it with the photo and realized that he is wanted and began to shout loudly “He is here! Come here!”

The Turks and Atharv immediately ran and saw a Georgian, smeared with lipstick in an almost unconscious state, sitting on the toilet in a booth with an open door.

They tried to get an answer from him why he poisoned Vihaan and where the disappeared guys were, but he was already in a state of some kind of half-delirium and the only thing they managed to find out was that the guys were alive.

Why and why were they imprisoned there?

Why was Vihaan poisoned?

From the lack of logic and horror of what happened, the brain explodes!”

But is all that truth? Since we don’t have any proves of Vijay words.

To be continued…

A parable. How unconscious people are managed … Part 4

“Yes, what news do you have?” – asked Vijay.

“Yes, we also have something wrong, the views of our blog suddenly dropped completely.”

“Yes, and you know Vihaan bought some book about paranormal phenomena for his brother Atharv’s birthday and asked me to send it to Tiflis, because he himself must go to Turkey. Now I’ll see what it’s called.
Here it seems his package … What is it? Some kind of photo … It’s Thomas with that woman … And the photocopier of her passport, it looks like she’s his accountant.

All is clear. On the way back from the port, she got into our car and almost at the same time, the owner of your house received a call from his wife, emotionally demanding something, he got terribly angry, became all red, but his wife continued to say something to him in an commanding and displeased tone, until he completely lost his temper and did not want to end this conversation, but just at that moment we were passing an intersection with very busy traffic and not working traffic light and Thomas could not take his hand off the steering wheel.

And the phone was on a stand and he asked his friend to disconnect conversation.
She tried to press the correct key, but her huge false nail slipped off and accidentally pressed the video communication …

The lady got scared, and, trying to turn off the video communication, jerked the phone, it fell from the stand, the man behind the wheel got madly angry and started yelling at her something clearly not laudatory in their language and parked to pick up the phone. When he picked up the phone, it turned out that everything was all right with it, except that the video communication apparently did not stop …
He turned it off and dropped me and my friend.
And apparently in captivity of emotions, the Georgian did not look at which package Vihaan took, but he apparently confused them.”

“Yeah” – was the only thing we could comment on.

The next day, Sunday, was also not without shocking news from Vijay.

“Thomas came to get the documents several times, demanded them and even tried to fight me several times, but I tripped him up and poured a bottle of water over him to cool his ardor, then on the next visit he brought some young woman with him and said that she will testify that I molested her if I do not give him the documents.

Vihaan, who had eaten plums from Thomas,

is in the hospital, in intensive care, came to his senses, the danger is almost over, but he feels very bad and if he had not received medical assistance on time, then everything could have ended very sadly.
Atharv, his brother, is very upset and angry and is about to leave here.

And one more thing. The security guard in the shopping center confused the date. Our missing friends were in the shopping center not that day, but the day before their disappearance, and there really was a group of competitors – Chinese who greeted them.
Now the version about the involvement of our competitors in this case seems more and more illogical, and we simply do not have another.”- said Vijay.

“Or maybe it’s still the owner of our house involved in the disappearance of Vijay’s friends? He came out a few minutes after the guys and drove in the same direction. Perhaps, having seen them, he offered to give them a lift, arguing that he was to blame for Vijay and treated them to sweets …

which could have the same filling as the plums and, in an unconscious state, unloaded them as a load in his village, where he has 7 thousand acres of land. Is this possible? – I said this hypothesis.

“Or is it just nonsense? Moreover, there was a woman in the car, but of course he could have dropped her off.”

“I need to think it over” – said Vijay.

“Hang on!” – we answered.

To be continued.

Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2 Episode 4. Bulgaria. Eden. Part 2. Adam, are you fake? Yes, fake

I did not believe that we were talking with the real Adam, although the timbre of the voice, intonation, manner of speaking were really exactly the same as that of the real Adam.

And when the son, to whom Adam always showed friendly feelings, asked him to talk to us via video communication, he, surprisingly, did not refuse this.

And then the video camera on the smartphone turned on and we saw him in a blue T-shirt and gray-blue breeches, standing in the middle of a small living room. A wreath of some herbs hung around his neck, and he looked rather sad.

“This is my yahida (apartment). There is a second room” – he said and opened the door to a modest but cleanly tidy bedroom. I still hope that Yarden will come, I miss her so much …

Well, look. There is a large courtyard here, it is all planted with flowers, the owner adores them and plants new ones all the time. And here he is, he is very sociable, he says hello to you. Indeed, in the courtyard, we saw an African planting fantastically huge, bright red flowers the size of his head, and he waved his hand to us.

And over there, a little further, there are two horizontal bars, on one of them you can hang your yoga hammock.
This is the owner’s yachida, he can rent it out to you.

And this path, densely planted with palm trees, leads to the beach.

Ocean. Look how endless and majestic it is and what a luxurious white sand it is, it is pleasant to run on it barefoot, while in Eilat all the beaches are pebbly. And you should have seen how beautiful coral reefs are here and what incredible fish at depth.
In general, come and see everything!”

Conflicting emotions fought in me. Yes, we actually saw Adam via video communication, and it seemed to have convinced us that we were talking with a real person, but somewhere in the depths of myself, I felt that this was not so.
And my son got fired up with the idea of ​​going to Kenya and constantly asked me “Why don’t you want to go to Mombasa?”

But I felt that there was definitely a catch here and said that I was not ready for such an adventure … because if we even get tickets and arrive in Kenya, and no Adam will be there, then what are we going to do next?

“What’s that crunching over there? Is it really a waffle wrapper? How can you eat it?”
the voice of Adam was indignant from the phone, who now constantly interfered in all our affairs, including in our diet, constantly criticizing him and offering his recommendations.

Regular calls from his Watsapp number continued for a couple of weeks and he kept talking about his loneliness, about the fact that his relatives after his departure did not want to communicate with him and again and again invited us to come to him. But I felt more and more confident that this was not the real Adam, but a fake.

And once, when my son was talking to our friend and I clearly heard Adam’s energetic voice from the phone, one thought came to my mind and I told my son “Ask him, is he a fake?”

‘It’s somehow inconvenient, “the son replied, and then he finally decided and asked

“Adam, are you a fake?”

“Yes, fake” – Adam’s voice replied calmly.

Now, for sure, there are no grounds for doubts …

A parable. How unconscious people are managed … Part 3.

I felt uncomfortable with such an answer from I. I absolutely could not understand what caused such an inadequate, in my opinion, reaction, both to the story about a 125-year-old Indian, and to my note. Of course, I.’s phone for Vijay is completely unnecessary, all he wanted was to be left alone. What measures is he going to take? I told him that I did not tell anyone him number, and he himself called the Indian store and it looks like our communication ended forever.

On Saturday afternoon, while we were having lunch in the gazebo in the yard, Vijay called.

“Hello! Thomas came again this morning.

I’m starting to change my opinion for the better. He also apologized for the incident and offered his help in finding the missing guys.
When he arrived, my friend Vihaan was in my store, whose brother Atharv runs a fairly large business in cooperation with the Turks in Tiflis.

Vihaan said that he, too, could not stand aside, and we both gladly agreed to the offer of the owner of your house, to go to the port and look for traces of our disappeared friends there.
We drove around the entire territory of the port, but did not find any clue. Yes, I almost forgot, Thomas gave me a box of plums. But I don’t take food gifts, my friend took it.”

My son and I looked at each other, remembering how strange those plums looked on a plate in the morning.

“Yeah, it looks like Thomas has not only plums growing in the village, but also some kind of dope. And it is quite possible that he pumped by them plums.
Tell Vijay not to eat them” – I said. And the son conveyed it to him.

“Okay, I’ll try to get in touch with my friend now” – Vijay replied.

About 15-20 minutes after this conversation, we heard the gate open and saw the owner of our house.
“Did you eat the plums from my bowl that I left you in the morning?” – he asked us.

“Yes” – I replied.

By the evening, my son and I had a distinct feeling of some kind of turbidity enveloping us, views of our blog also dropped sharply, people seemed to have ceased to see it.

What’s happening? Need to do something. And we need to find out how Vijay is doing, lately we seem to be somehow connected with this Indian for an incomprehensible reason for us.

“Hello Vijay! How are you, what news?” – asked the son
“There is news.
When I returned to the store, I saw that under the door there was a note “This is a gift for you, b*tch!”

I looked at the cameras, Thomas put it down.
The postman came, he brought a fine for incorrect parking of the car of the owner of your house. He parked the car at a bus stop, which is right next to the store and apparently some bus driver did not like it, he took a picture of the car and sent a complaint.
Interestingly, the first time he vandalized the store, he was here for about forty minutes, and the second – he was here only five minutes.
So – the photo was taken on his second visit and in the photo he is kissing that woman in a short skirt.”

I didn’t mention, but it better be told, in the first part of the episode, that Vijay saw on the video camera that Thomas was not alone to apologize, with him was a woman of about 35 in a very short skirt, high heels, with brightly painted lips with whom he was kissing, getting out of the car.

“And some very unpleasant facts came to light.
Atharv called, brother of Vihaan, who took Thomas’s plums.
I tried to call him, but apparently it was too late, he did not pick up the phone.

So Atharv said that he was called from the police and said that they found Vihaan lying unconscious on the side of the road, next to him were several plums and that same half-empty box.

“This is awful” – we reacted.

“And one more thing” – Vijay said.

To be continued…

Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2. Episode 4. Part 1. Bulgaria. Eden. A conversation with fake Adam via video communication.

On the morning of September 30, after all the troubles of that memorable post-coronation night, we safely left Istanbul and arrived in Varna at dusk on the same day.

We didn’t book an apartment, and out of habit, we began to worry a little about this now.

We turned to a woman who was traveling with us on the bus for advice, and she told us where to find a place to sleep.

Thus, from the bus station, we went to an inexpensive hotel in the city center, which bears the name for some unknown reason of Moroccan city “Casablanca”.

We first settled there.
After the crowded and huge Istanbul, Varna at first seemed to us a sweet, peaceful and cozy town.

And after 5-6 days, with the help of a group on Facebook, we found and rented for a couple of months an inexpensive two-room apartment with a yard in Villa Eden in the Golden Sands area.

Next to Varna Free University, the path to which was indicated by the sign “Chernorizets Brave”!

The month of October, according to the mistress of the house, turned out to be very warm, and we often sat in the yard, with pleasure watching the squirrels deftly scurrying around in the nearby trees.

Who especially liked the walnuts growing in front of the villa, chirping birds and a couple of regularly visiting us landlord’s cats extorting food.

We did not have a clear plan of action and a clear understanding of what to do next, and we decided to try again to call Adam to consult with him.

“Hi, Khabibi!” – came from the phone his always optimistic, corresponding to his motto “Don’t worry be happy!” voice. Adam’s voice began to tell us a new, already simplified version of what happened to him recently.

“I boarded a ship in the port of Eilat, I was in a great hurry and did not pay attention to the choice of the ship. But I should do it. It turned out to be very old, uncomfortable and completely unsuitable for such a long route, in addition there was no normal healthy food to which I was accustomed, and we sailed to the port of Kenya Mombasa for more than two months.

There I got off the ship and started looking for an apartment near the ocean in an ecologically clean area and I found it here 20 miles from Mombasa and 100 yards from the ocean in Kikambala.

I enjoy listening to birdsong, the sound of the waves, running barefoot on the white sand of the beach, and freediving after sunset when the heat starts to subside.

When I need to buy something, I go to Mombasa. A funny bus goes there without windows, I have not seen such before. And sometimes I run to the city. It’s an hour and a half or two and I go back by bus.
But, unfortunately, Yarden, my beloved wife, does not want to go to an African country and I am very sad here alone. Come, I understand that you have no money for tickets, I will buy them for you, because we are friends. Come … I’m already looking at flights … yes … here I see a flight for tomorrow … Yes, you may not have time to pack, then for the day after tomorrow … Satisfied?”

Adam’s voice was unstoppable for conversations, each of them dragged on for 2-3 hours, during which we had already tried to say goodbye many times, but he persistently continued to tell something else.

I did not believe that we were talking with the real Adam, although the timbre of the voice, intonation, manner of speaking were really exactly the same as that of the real Adam. And when the son, to whom Adam always showed friendly feelings, asked him to talk to us via video communication, he, surprisingly, did not refuse this.
And then the video camera on the smartphone turned on and we saw …

To be continued…

A parable. How unconscious people are managed … Part 2.

“Hey! This is Vijay. Have you spoken to the owner of the house?” – Vijay asked, calling the next morning.

“No, we agreed with you” – the son replied.

“He came, apologized, said that he did not know what came over him and I thought that maybe you talked to him.

He also brought me a large box of candies, but I did not take it and he took it back.”

“Vijay, we are very happy that the situation is resolved.”

Indeed, both my son and I felt great relief.

“Was the cherry tasty?” – asked Vijay

“Yes, it was!”

Literally an hour has passed since his call and the electricity in our apartment went out.

“Look at the electrical panel on the street, maybe you just need to lift up the lever there?” – I said to my son

“Good!” – he answered and went out into the yard.

I went about my business and after a while I heard him talking to someone in English. This surprised me, because the owners do not speak this language, and outsiders do not enter the yard.

“Vijay came by taxi” – my son stunned me. He lost connection with two of his friends, who came out a couple of minutes before Thomas and went in the same direction in which he after drove. They were supposed to come back 15 minutes later and bring the item up for the bulk buyer. He doesn’t understand what happened to them.”

The electricity was turned on only at 7 pm and at that time we called Vijay.

“Have you found your friends?” – we asked.

“No, we filed a complaint about their disappearance to the police, but they said they would only start looking for them in a day.”

“We really hope that your friends will be found. Keep us informed.”

“Yes, it’s very unpleasant. This strange story will not end in any way” – my son and I thought.

We did not understand what had happened to these two Indians and the next Friday afternoon we called Vijay again.

“Unfortunately, there is no news about them. We are all worried, and the police are not taking any measures. We think that competitors may have captured them. The guys’ phones are turned off, most likely they are discharged.”

Yes, there was one strange call, or rather two from unknown numbers. They did not call my personal number, but the work phone number indicated in the advertisement.
The conversation was somehow incomprehensible and unpleasant.

A young guy called, he spoke English well, and next to him was apparently a woman who was shouting something into the phone in an incomprehensible language.
They said it was a disgusting publicity stunt, that I was tricking people into telling them about a 125-year-old man to sell as many of my wares as possible to simpletons who would take whatever I said at face value.
What did they want? I do not know.”

“Let him write the number” – I asked
When Vijay started giving the numbers, there was no longer any doubt.
“Is this really my old friend I.? Is it possible?

Why do people seem to go crazy with this story about a 125 year old Indian?”

The other day I. sent me a note by email, and yesterday morning I sent him the first already published part of this story and wrote that I also published “Paranormal virus on WhatsApp”.

In response, I received a rather aggressive note in which he accused me of lying.

In the evening, we decided to walk to the store and find out the news directly from Vijay’s mouth, keeping in mind that calls can be fake.

We arrived just before the store closed, Vijay looked very tired and did not look up from the calling phone.

“The guys weren’t found, but there are clues. I gave 20 lari to the guard in the shopping center and he said that he found the videotape when they passed by, often looking around, and a group of Chinese followed them.
I turned off my work phone because calls from the same phone continued 47 times. I don’t understand what they want, they also demand herb from me for a long life.”

We went home puzzled. In the courtyard of the house, we saw two buckets filled with little garden plums.

“Exactly, Thomas went to the village and apparently picked them up there” – we thought.

“Take as much as you want” – catching our glance at the fruits, said the always affable Leah, the wife of Thomas.

We took a few plums from the bucket, and on Saturday morning, on the table in the gazebo where we usually dine, I found a plate with large, as if pumped up by something, seven plums.

I called my son.

“Look, it’s like yesterday’s plums. But why are they strange? AND what to do with them?”

“Let’s go throw them in the trash can on the street” – suggested the son


This is what we did.

I also sent I. a note asking if he called Vijay. His answer shocked me.

“Leaking my phone numbers you set me up. I need to take action.” – he wrote.

“We are again in the web of some kind of delirium. Have he and the owner of the house gone mad?” – I asked my son.

To be continued…

A parable. How unconscious people are managed …

On Sunday, June 27, we were at an Indian store to buy turmeric and talked to the seller whose name is Vijay. He told us such an interesting story.

His friend, who was flying through the Dubai airport, told him that their compatriot had checked in with him for boarding a flight to Los Angeles… born in 1895, and the airport workers could not believe that this active Indian man is … 125 years old.

The contact with the energy-informational world of India, Vijay’s story about his spartan eating habits, the story about his wonderful compatriot led me into a state of deep thought or trance.

My son and I came home and were going to have lunch in the gazebo in the courtyard.

I began to take food and plates to the gazebo, and the owner of the house, Thomas, was painting a metal structure right there in the yard.

“Why didn’t you go to the market again?” asked Thomas.

“No, we didn’t go, it’s a pity for the time spent, I want to work more on the blog. And you know, we were in an Indian store today…”

“And where is it? I don’t know. “

“It’s in the center. There’s a very nice salesman there and he told us today … and I told Thomas the story Vijay told me …

“It clearly made a big impression on the owner of the house.

Wednesday morning, we heard a call. The son replied and said in surprise:

“This is Vijay. He asks if we have told anyone the story about his 125-year-old compatriot, he told it to just a few friends and us, and on Monday morning a very unpleasant incident occurred. He asks if we can come to his store today, where he will tell us the details?”

“Yes, of course” – I said. 

“A short, gray-haired man came to my store and persistently asked me for a means to live 125 years. He was wearing dark glasses, a dark T-shirt and dark pants.” – said the Indian.

Vijay also called the make and number of the car in which the man arrived, and this dispelled the last doubts.

“It’s definitely Thomas” – we said.

Then we remembered that on Monday morning the owner of the house went to work in an inadequate condition from drinking too many alcoholic beverages, and then in the same condition we met him in the lunch time at a local store. He had dark glasses, a dark T-shirt and pants.

Anyway, we got out and hurried to Vijay. He looked very tired and upset. What he told us about Thomas’ behavior in the store shocked us. It turns out that he threatened to take him to the forest if he did not give him that miraculous herb that makes it possible to live and stay healthy until the age of 125.

Vijay tried to explain to him that there is no such herb, but only inner harmony in the person himself and moderation in everything gives him such chances. But the owner of the house did not want to listen to anything, he spoiled a lot of goods in the store and got into a fight with the seller himself, which we could not expect from a kind of friendly person, an exemplary family man, the father of three adult daughters, constantly engaged in improvement of the house.

“Maybe, to transfer something to Thomas or talk to his wife?” we asked Vijay.

“No, don’t do anything.I don’t even want to think about it. I spent two days cleaning the store and recording the damage. But you have nothing to do with it. It was disgusting, he tore two bags of turmeric, this man needs help. No, I don’t want to talk about it. Maybe you should go to Turkey instead? People are kinder there.”

My son and I left the Indian store in a state of shock and after walking a little, we looked at each other:

“What can we do to Vijay pleasant? He’s so wonderful, and what Thomas did is just disgusting. Why did I tell him this story? But it never occurred to me that it could have such consequences”, I said.

And we went to the nearest store and bought cherries and water for Vijay. And then took it to him.

“I only eat what is sold in my store and drink only water. Be sure to take the cherry with you” – he said and never agreed to take it. 

“What do you usually eat?”- we asked curiously.

“In the morning I drink three cups of water, at lunch again three cups of water, then I cook a pound of lentils and eat it together with one vegetable an hour after taking water.

And in the evening, the third intake of water is mandatory, water cleanses and soothes, water intake should not be skipped.”

I really liked Vijay’s diet, although I’m not quite ready to fully adhere to it yet. I don’t know if he eats cherries or not, but we thought that he probably just wanted us to enjoy the delicious berries ourselves. And when we made a detour to recover from the negative information that had fallen on us, we reached the gate of the house that lodged us, Thomas was standing at the entrance, his expression was angry and aggressive, which seemed to confirm Vijay’s story. How did we not notice this before?

To be continued …

Parable of Fear 2 or Epilogue to the Scary Bedtime Tales.

“Brother, please open the door! There is news.” – we heard Khalil’s trembling voice outside the door.

“Is it really again? Have something happened again?” – we thought.

“Maybe not to open?” – asked the son.

“Open it, we have to listen to what it’s about” – I said.

The son opened the door and we saw the pale and very upset owner of the apartment.

“Brother, this is the case. You better move out as soon as possible. This is where the big problems begin.”

Today two police officers came and said that a German, that lived upstairs, and unfortunately, some criminals carried his body in a large suitcase, and cut off his head and sent a parcel to the German consulate, you know, which is nearby. Now the police will probably come soon, they will interrogate everyone who has seen what, and our guest house will be closed. Better look for another apartment before it’s too late.”

“Thanks! We’ll think it over,” I said.

“Do you think this is another delirium of the owner?” – asked the son when the door closed behind Khalil.

“I think so. We won’t look for an apartment yet, let’s see what happens.”

A few hours later in the evening of the same day … we met Khalil on the street, he looks very confused.

“Sorry, brother! It’s okay.
You can stay calmly. It was a prank. Those guys came again, in general, they are not police officers, they just wanted to play a trick and looks like making a funny video for YouTube. “

This situation happened a few days before our departure from Istanbul.

And I would also like to sum up the horrors described in the Scary Tales and the horrors we experienced in Istanbul, which are now perceived not only with a smile, but also as a magnificently staged performance.

Why did it take place?

Who was its director and screenwriter?

And was there an opportunity for the actors to refuse such an unenviable role?

Khalil, the owner of the apartment we stayed in, is a very attentive, benevolent, pleasant person, but extremely susceptible to life-threatening fears. My son also has very pronounced similar fears and I certainly have them, albeit to a much lesser extent, rather not fears, but worries.

Accordingly, there was a resonance and a significant increase in similar energy worlds producing fear, and after a while the volume of this energy information reached a critical level necessary for the curtain to open and the performance began …

We were warned about this in a note (you need to leave, less than a week left …)

Which we did not listen to. (for more details, see Seasone 2, Episode 2, Part 1)

Obviously, if we had moved out of that apartment, such a performance would not have taken place.

“Don’t go to crowded places” – the note said.

And every day we walked several times along the central street of Istanbul, Istiklal, where there are always a lot of people walking, and the first act of the performance began there.

Why? The more people with similar energy worlds, stronger the resonance, the more active and strong a certain energy-informational world becomes.

And since we did not change the apartment even after the events described in the Scary Tales, the same director made a new premiere, described in the last episode of passing the tests. And if we take into account the energy-informational world of the coronavirus, then this show probably could not look differently. (for details, see Season 2, Episode 3)

Was the note on the phone’s alarm a sign of care for us? I think it was just a game that would have continued even after moving to another apartment, only there might have been somewhat different events.

What are our fears? Where do they come from? How to deal with them?

Fear fetters our mind, deprives us of the ability to reasonably comprehend and analyze the situation, impoverishes and shortens our life.

We fall into a state of panic and anxiety gnawing at us, and part of our life it seems we don’t live. However, even an invented fear is not without reason and is an indicator of the presence in us of certain energy worlds or energy information. This is also an interesting topic and I think that we will come back to it, considering the issues of phobias from the energy-information point of view.

Today we went to an Indian spice shop in the center of Batumi to buy turmeric and talk to the seller, Vijay, an Indian nice guy. He told us that in India it is customary in the morning to cleanse the body and achieve inner harmony, to drink at least three cups of clean water.

And told the story of how his modestly dressed compatriot made a sensation at the airport in the Emirates, satiated with luxury. This active elderly man had a date of birth in his passport … 1895.

After listening to Vijay with interest, my son and I involuntarily thought, “It is obviously that that 125-year-old Indian would never have had such fears, otherwise he would simply not have lived to that age”.

In “The Parable of Unreasonable Fear, Importance and Stupidity in the Paranormal”, we were shown how ridiculous constant fears are.

And then … maybe we just needed to drink water, calm down, go inside ourselves, thus strengthening a more positive energy world and understand that nothing terrible is happening around, go and just open the door of the apartment and leave someone else’s game, filled with trust in of this Amazing Life.

What do you think, dear reader?

Unexplained episodes from everyday life Season 2. Episode 3. Passing the corona test by paranormal.

More than two months of our stay in Istanbul have passed and we began to think about where to continue our journey.

We approached the central agency of Turkish Airlines in order to inquire about the possibility of a flight to Mexico, but when we stood in line, we got to a nice man – operator, he said to our surprise, “Do not take tickets from us. I will tell you what flights there are, but the prices we have very expensive. It’s better to buy on the Aviasales or Matrix sites”

Much time has passed, but the feeling of amazing warmth and friendliness emanating from many people in Turkey has survived … Thank you, Turkey! … Thank you, Istanbul!

We had to proceed from reality, and since we did not have a definite plan and the opportunity to buy plane tickets online, too, we decided to choose a country – Turkey’s neighbor Bulgaria, where we could get by bus.

We went to the Istanbul bus station, and it turned out to be so huge that we were even somewhat at a loss where to find the ticket offices we needed and asked the Turks standing there. They were interested in where we are going to go.

“To Bulgaria” – we answered. For some reason they were delighted and began to loudly chant and repeat “Bulgaristan, Bulgaristan, Bulgaristan!” Surprisingly emotional and cheerful people in Turkey!

We contacted the Ministry of Health of Bulgarian Republic and we were told that in order to enter the country, it is necessary to do a coronavirus test.

We took a look at clinics and hospitals in our area that provided these services and read many disappointing comments.

This strained us very much, as did the thought of going to the hospital.

We began to ask the owner of the apartment Khalil and the workers from the hotel opposite where it is better to take the test and finally decided and chose a hospital.

And then came the day of taking the test. We had to wait in line, but the analysis was successfully passed and the next day, we just as safely collected negative test results.

We asked Khalil to order a taxi for us in the morning and in the evening began to prepare for departure. The bus leaves in the morning.

I was packing my things, and my son found an apartment in the city of Varna (Bulgaria) on and waited for confirmation of the reservation, which was to come to my email, for quite a long time … around two hours.

It was already 11.30pm, and I could not resist and said “Let’s sleep!”

And we are already going to implement this idea, but I still decided to look at the email again.

And … that’s the way it is … I think I was expecting … something like that … a letter from the hospital where we passed corona tests.

The letter is in Turkish, I am setting it into the translator. Immediately it flashes in my head that, firstly, they did not ask us for email in the hospital, and secondly, the hospital is open until 5:00 PM, and the time is already half past eleven at night …

I read the text, which is rather chaotic. I quote it in full as the app translated it:

“We are very sorry for confusing and disturbing you. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach you by phone, so you forced us to find other ways to communicate with the police. We found a mistake in your test. You must come to us before noon. Tomorrow at 10 am you will be banned from leaving the country and wanted by the police system. If you do not show up, a police officer will be authorized to arrest and quarantine you and your relative.
I’m sorry for disturbing you”
Mehmal Otoyul-Ali, a Medical Specialist

“This is again some kind of nonsense” – I say to my son, “Let’s sleep better, get up early in the morning”

Literally at the same second, there was a knock on the door.

The son looked through the peephole and turned pale.

“It’s a cop” – he whispered softly.

We tailed off and decided to wait a bit. The one who was outside the door knocked to Khalil, his door was next to ours and they talked about something for a long time.

When we heard that the “policeman” had left, we opened the door and saw Khalil standing in the corridor.

The son asked him who was coming. He said that a policeman came and asked if people from the region from which he had never had any guests in this apartment, and the policeman also said that allegedly a nurse of some hospital testified that her boss had put pressure on her and made her to write negative test results to people who tested positive because they bribed the boss.

Here we were completely dumbfounded.

After all, how can you prove that we have no corona and that we did not bribe?

And once again an alarming sleepless night followed …

In the morning a taxi arrived and we went to the bus station, not fully understanding how it would all end, although inside did not leave the feeling that this were again already known to us … tricks … not related to other people …

There were no obstacles to travel either on the road, at the bus station, or on the border.

At the entrance to Bulgarian Republic, when our turn came to the customs officer, we proudly handed him the cherished pieces of paper we had received with such torment.

“What is this?” – the officer asked

“Tests for coronavirus” – we answered

“We DO NOT NEED them!”

He smiled and said that the presence of PCR tests from us, as from those who are entering from Turkey, is absolutely not required!