Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2. Episode 4. Eden. Part 6. The Exile from Eden.

“Dear customer! Due to a military emergency, some amount may be charged from your account. Thank you for your understanding and your patriotism!”

We saw such a notice in the application of our Israeli bank Leumi on one of the cold winter nights of the coming December in the apartment in Eden.

“How? Listen, do you think this note is a scam?” – I asked my son.

“I don’t know. Most likely. But …” – he replied.

“In short, get dressed, let’s go …”

We did not hesitate, got dressed and with a quick, athletic step went to the nearest ATM, which was located next to the Varna Free University.

“It is likely that this is a scam and a fake note, but it may well turn out to be “prophetic” – I said.

“Yes, it’s much calmer this way” – added the son when we took the entire balance from the bank card.

“Moreover, we have already been repeatedly warned about this by Avner, or his fake, but the fact is that we did not listen to this.”

“Yes, most likely, that’s why our energetic worlds have resorted to a more effective remedy” – I added and we both laughed.

And Avner, always a balanced, friendly entrepreneur, a diver from Eilat was also always in touch and was always ready to help with practical advice.

And by Christmas and by the beginning of the new 2021, the time of visa-free travel in Bulgaria was coming to an end, and we categorically did not want to go to neighboring countries in such cold weather and on a holiday, except for Turkey, to which it was still too early to return.

We went to the migration bureau in Varna and its boss, a pleasant, benevolent woman, Diana, said to us then seemed strange phrase “Yes, I do not advise you to go to neighboring countries, they are like circles of hell. And now it’s not a problem to extend a tourist visa, you just need a notarized contract for an apartment and insurance. Bring these documents to about the date of December 10″ – continued Diana

Here I cannot but express my gratitude to Julia and Svetlana, whom we met through the Facebook group and who provided us with a notary-certified apartment contract completely disinterestedly!!!

We made all the necessary papers and took them to the Migration Office for the extension of the tourist visa.

“Come for an answer in two weeks” – they told us there.

And while we were standing in line to apply, we met both Diana and Nikolai.

Diana was clearly alarmed by something and she had no time for talking to us, and Nikolai, who always liked to chat, immediately called us back:
“Hello! This is a work phone, it is not tapped, and I want to tell you that unpleasant events have begun to take place here recently.
Some strange people came to my boss Diana’s home yesterday and threatened her, then her relative was kidnapped. What exactly was the matter, she did not even understand. You see, the military was called to investigate this case.”

A group of military men actually stood outside the Migration office.

“Yaron” – I said – “Nikolai likes to invent some kind of incomprehensible stories. I’m tired of it all and I don’t want to hear them anymore. I think we need to be more interested in our own life, right?” – I asked my son.

“Yes, of course. Goodbye, Nikolai. Sorry, we are busy now.” – the son ended the conversation with him.

And Julia, meanwhile, offered to move to the city of Byala, to an apartment in the same house where Svetlana lived.

The price for the apartment, respectively, was two times lower than in Varna. Byala is a very small seaside town or even a village about halfway between Varna, the largest sea city and seaport in the country, and Burgas, the second largest seaside city and port.

We asked Julia for photos of the apartment and she sent them to me by e-mail. We decided to look at them on a laptop before making a decision, and what was our surprise and shock when, after the photos of the apartment, suddenly appeared …

photos of the funeral agency.

A parable. How unconscious people are managed. Part 5.

It was the beginning of the eleventh o’clock in the evening, my son and I were already going to bed when we saw that a bright light was on in the garage and literally a minute later it went out and we heard the noise of a car driving away.

“Usually that late Thomas doesn’t go anywhere” – the son said.

“Let’s better focus on our business. Good night, my dear!” – I replied.

The next day, Monday afternoon, we went to the Indian store.

Vijay looked very tired and worn out.

“Hello! I could not sleep all night, all these recent events are so difficult. Vihaan is in intensive care, his condition is still serious, friends are dissappeared. I don’t understand why everything is so cruel?
The police said that my missing friends boarded bus route 16, which runs across the south beach to the Turkish border. I find it hard to believe. Why would they do this?”

“And yet” – he added – “Atharv left for here, several Turkish men from Istanbul will also come, including two brothers who rent apartments in the center of Istanbul and own a hotel in the area where there are many mosques. The elder brother is a big man in the literal sense of the word, that is, he is very tall, and the younger brother has not grown up to him, but has taken place in business.”

We had already left the store and walked a little, when suddenly we stopped, simply dumbfounded with surprise, “Is it really Erol and Emre?”


Those brothers from whom we rented an apartment? The Erol who, according to the fake story, was kidnapped? That Emre from whose phone number, his voice, did the fake tell us so many horrors? (See more Unexplained episodes in everyday life. Season 2. Episode 2 Scary tales told at night. Part 2)

Is it possible such a coincidence that they come from Istanbul, almost thirty million city?

We just have posted a new post and heard Vijay’s call.

“Hi! Yesterday Atharv and the guys from Turkey arrived, they went together in search of the guys and Thomas. They went to the police, to a familiar policeman – a Turk, and he told them the addresses of all the apartments and land plots of the owner of your house.
And they drove out of town, where there was a large land holding of a Georgian.
On the road, several cars ahead, they seemed to have seen his car, but due to heavy traffic, they could not catch up with it. Frustrated, they drove into a Turkish cafe.

Sat there to rest and relax a bit, and again went in search. Having somewhat lost his attentiveness after drinking a beer in a cafe, the driver did not notice a broken bottle on the road and punctured the tire.

They had to look for the nearest tire fitting. The tire was changed there, but the employee had no change and he said that he was going to change a bill in a cafe nearby. And before that he was shown a photograph of the wanted person.

The worker went to a cafe, successfully changed money, and suddenly in the open door of the toilet at the exit he saw a man sitting in a booth. He compared it with the photo and realized that he is wanted and began to shout loudly “He is here! Come here!”

The Turks and Atharv immediately ran and saw a Georgian, smeared with lipstick in an almost unconscious state, sitting on the toilet in a booth with an open door.

They tried to get an answer from him why he poisoned Vihaan and where the disappeared guys were, but he was already in a state of some kind of half-delirium and the only thing they managed to find out was that the guys were alive.

Why and why were they imprisoned there?

Why was Vihaan poisoned?

From the lack of logic and horror of what happened, the brain explodes!”

But is all that truth? Since we don’t have any proves of Vijay words.

To be continued…

Unexplained episodes from everyday life Season 2. Episode 3. Passing the corona test by paranormal.

More than two months of our stay in Istanbul have passed and we began to think about where to continue our journey.

We approached the central agency of Turkish Airlines in order to inquire about the possibility of a flight to Mexico, but when we stood in line, we got to a nice man – operator, he said to our surprise, “Do not take tickets from us. I will tell you what flights there are, but the prices we have very expensive. It’s better to buy on the Aviasales or Matrix sites”

Much time has passed, but the feeling of amazing warmth and friendliness emanating from many people in Turkey has survived … Thank you, Turkey! … Thank you, Istanbul!

We had to proceed from reality, and since we did not have a definite plan and the opportunity to buy plane tickets online, too, we decided to choose a country – Turkey’s neighbor Bulgaria, where we could get by bus.

We went to the Istanbul bus station, and it turned out to be so huge that we were even somewhat at a loss where to find the ticket offices we needed and asked the Turks standing there. They were interested in where we are going to go.

“To Bulgaria” – we answered. For some reason they were delighted and began to loudly chant and repeat “Bulgaristan, Bulgaristan, Bulgaristan!” Surprisingly emotional and cheerful people in Turkey!

We contacted the Ministry of Health of Bulgarian Republic and we were told that in order to enter the country, it is necessary to do a coronavirus test.

We took a look at clinics and hospitals in our area that provided these services and read many disappointing comments.

This strained us very much, as did the thought of going to the hospital.

We began to ask the owner of the apartment Khalil and the workers from the hotel opposite where it is better to take the test and finally decided and chose a hospital.

And then came the day of taking the test. We had to wait in line, but the analysis was successfully passed and the next day, we just as safely collected negative test results.

We asked Khalil to order a taxi for us in the morning and in the evening began to prepare for departure. The bus leaves in the morning.

I was packing my things, and my son found an apartment in the city of Varna (Bulgaria) on Booking.com and waited for confirmation of the reservation, which was to come to my email, for quite a long time … around two hours.

It was already 11.30pm, and I could not resist and said “Let’s sleep!”

And we are already going to implement this idea, but I still decided to look at the email again.

And … that’s the way it is … I think I was expecting … something like that … a letter from the hospital where we passed corona tests.

The letter is in Turkish, I am setting it into the translator. Immediately it flashes in my head that, firstly, they did not ask us for email in the hospital, and secondly, the hospital is open until 5:00 PM, and the time is already half past eleven at night …

I read the text, which is rather chaotic. I quote it in full as the app translated it:

“We are very sorry for confusing and disturbing you. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach you by phone, so you forced us to find other ways to communicate with the police. We found a mistake in your test. You must come to us before noon. Tomorrow at 10 am you will be banned from leaving the country and wanted by the police system. If you do not show up, a police officer will be authorized to arrest and quarantine you and your relative.
I’m sorry for disturbing you”
Mehmal Otoyul-Ali, a Medical Specialist

“This is again some kind of nonsense” – I say to my son, “Let’s sleep better, get up early in the morning”

Literally at the same second, there was a knock on the door.

The son looked through the peephole and turned pale.

“It’s a cop” – he whispered softly.

We tailed off and decided to wait a bit. The one who was outside the door knocked to Khalil, his door was next to ours and they talked about something for a long time.

When we heard that the “policeman” had left, we opened the door and saw Khalil standing in the corridor.

The son asked him who was coming. He said that a policeman came and asked if people from the region from which he had never had any guests in this apartment, and the policeman also said that allegedly a nurse of some hospital testified that her boss had put pressure on her and made her to write negative test results to people who tested positive because they bribed the boss.

Here we were completely dumbfounded.

After all, how can you prove that we have no corona and that we did not bribe?

And once again an alarming sleepless night followed …

In the morning a taxi arrived and we went to the bus station, not fully understanding how it would all end, although inside did not leave the feeling that this were again already known to us … tricks … not related to other people …

There were no obstacles to travel either on the road, at the bus station, or on the border.

At the entrance to Bulgarian Republic, when our turn came to the customs officer, we proudly handed him the cherished pieces of paper we had received with such torment.

“What is this?” – the officer asked

“Tests for coronavirus” – we answered

“We DO NOT NEED them!”

He smiled and said that the presence of PCR tests from us, as from those who are entering from Turkey, is absolutely not required!


A little about the paranormal or the normal…? People Hearing Voices – Who Are They? Saints, crazy or just people?

“Hello” – the son says loudly and laughs.

“Who did you say hello to?” – I ask.

We are sitting in a room with a door open to the courtyard in Adjaria in Batumi.

“I didn’t say anything. What was that? Did you hear it too?”
Someone said hello by my voice and laughed. “

“Yes, I thought it was you …
Well, as usual … “

Sometimes when my son says something while sitting at the computer, I ask him again if he said it, because quite often some sounds or exclamations in his voice arise by themselves.
How? Now we will try to figure it out a bit.

The voice that picks up the “hearing voices” person it can be like this
called an auditory hallucination, and a real-sounding voice, and the voice can be either unknown to a person, or the voice of his acquaintance, and even his own voice. It can sound as if in space, it can be heard from the phone, from the computer, and maybe even from the person who is next to him and is generally silent at this moment. There are many variations, as well as energetic worlds.

If we proceed from our hypothesis that the whole world and everything that happens in it is materialized energy information, and each person has his own unique energy information or a set of energy worlds.
Then the energy information contained in him or the energy-information world, which materializes in this case in this way, talks to a person.
Of course, under certain conditions.

“Arizona is waiting for you!” (See episode 6) – a child’s voice from a laptop in Eilat repeatedly told us.
And these very voices, but heard from the phone, radically changed our life, playing a real show for us and using our fear and insufficient analysis of the situation, they simply “kicked” us out of the country where we lived, from our favorite places.

And forced us to wander from one country to another, gradually comprehending what happened and not completely or not at all understanding what we should do now. (this story is detailed in episode 6)

For the first time, back in 2019, we had the opportunity to guess
that we are not talking with a person, but with a fake (I will use this name, since there is no traditional one yet).

We were looking for an apartment and the man-landlord told us a non-existent address at the junction of two parallel streets.

And when we finally realized this, in the phone someone laughed not with just another, but with my laugh and my voice said, “You are goofs!” (See Season 1 Episode 3).

In Israel in the summer of 2020, a rather difficult situation arose (for more details, see Episode 6) and in conversations on the phone all friends and acquaintances told us about the desire to leave the country, but it never occurred to us to ask them about these thoughts again in person.

After all, their voice on the phone was indistinguishable from the real one, the same timbre, the same intonations … And we left … nowhere … thinking that they would go too, and they did not even suspect about our departure and we have not been able to contact them for almost a year, that is, we call them on the Whatsapp number or the Facebook messenger, and answer with the voices of our acquaintances only fakes. (see for more details about that in Episode 6)

Who are the fakes in this case? This is our energy information or energy world. That is, our energy worlds have blocked our Eilat Israeli acquaintances and friends for us and answer us instead.

Then, upon arrival in Istanbul, a whole avalanche of fake calls and stories with incredible adventures fell upon us.

Which were told for hours by the voices of our friends over the phone. And they, again, did not know anything about it (see Season 2, episode 1 for more details). We didn’t understand yet that we weren’t even talking to people.

Only when the events narrated during these conversations had already crossed all the boundaries of reality, and to assume that all our Eilat acquaintances and friends spent an infinite number of hours of their lives on a meaningless prank of us would be simply ridiculous, we realized that these calls were not from people.
But we still hoped that at some other time, a person would answer all the same.

“Hi, Adam!” – made one more attempt to get through to them my son one morning.

“Hello! Husband is at morning yoga. Now he will answer” – said a strangely familiar female voice in the receiver.

My son and I looked at each other.

Why does Yarden, Adam’s wife, have such a strange voice? And whose voice does it hear like? … Is it really like mine?

I would not want to hurt anyone’s feelings … but one can conclude that the voices that the saints heard and that led them is the energetic world contained in them.

Is the paranormal really … normal?

What is your opinion, dear readers?

It is very valuable to us!

Thank you for walking with us on the path of learning the Amazing Life!

Season 2. Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Episode 2. Scary tales told at night. Part 3.

And we were already going to rest after a tiring day, but then again we heard the call.

This time the landlord Khalil called.

His voice was interrupted by fear.

“Hi Brother! Be very careful, please, be quiet and do not go to the window. The area is occupied by a gang that is engaged in human trafficking. I am staying at a friend’s place, there are many people, safer, I will be back in the morning” – he said.

We were not very inclined to fully trust this message, but the street was somehow very quiet, and when I looked out the window, I saw that there was no one in our, usually noisy in the evening, alley.

Most often, an active life there only began after eleven and these parties, in which Khalil often participated, traditionally dragged on until 6 or 7 in the morning.

And as soon as I went to the bathroom, someone began to knock on the door very persistently. I froze and quietly returned. The knocking continued for several minutes, then it became quiet and the light on the stairwell went out. And I decided to repeat my maneuver. But now, as soon as I reached the bathroom, someone outside began to shake the door with serious force and aggressively shout something in Arabic …

And even below us, in the basement, where the owner of the apartment lived, it could hear someone walking and even moving furniture. But Khalil said that he left. WHO is there then?

“Brother, just be quiet, very quiet and everything will be fine. Friends said they were unlikely to break down the door. But, if they suspect that there is someone in the apartment, they push a flat gas bomb with poisonous gas under the door, which quickly spreads through the apartment and people, so as not to suffocate, run out into the street themselves, and there they are already waiting for them …

But these bombs are quite expensive, so they only use them if they know for sure that someone is in the apartment. So just behave as quietly as possible and everything will be fine. ” – told us in one of the calls for additional information the owner of the apartment.

“So this note on the alarm clock was really a warning? It’s been exactly a week since it all started … What to do now?” – we began to ask each other.

After a while, several more calls followed … from the numbers of Khalil and Emre … with even more not even scary, but simply creepy and the creepiest messages … which I don’t even want to tell.

Their meaning boiled down to the fact that something is happening in Istanbul, without exaggeration, HORRIBLE.

And “fear has big eyes”, gradually we began to feel that we were as if entangled of some kind of sticky dark horror.

We were afraid to talk, we were beware of looking out the window, to move, because someone outside is walking below, and he hears everything, we were afraid to even watch any information on the phone, since the light from the smartphone screen, and we lived on the first floor, could be seen on the street and thus betray our presence in the apartment …

My heart was beating fast …

I turned off the sound on the phone so that it would not suddenly ring … and began to pray that we would safely survive this night …

And when the seemingly endless night ended, I pushed the curtain back a little and saw on the street a small man in a black shirt and a woman talking to him.

I woke up my son, who, unlike me, still managed to fall asleep in the morning, and said to him, “Look, everything is fine, there are people on the street, so everything is over, they are gone.”

The son woke up and reached for the phone to call the owner, just in case.

“Brother, I implore, do not go out, the man on the street is the leader of the group, and the woman is his wife. Friends called me and said that there are 40 shooters on the upper floors. Be careful, please. They will leave soon, only they will get down and take the corpses with them … Hear, they are already leaving … “

And we really heard people coming down the steps from the upper floors and dragging something (or someone?) obviously heavy and this something was pounding noisily on the steps …

They went up and down several times … and each time they got down something pounding on the steps …

Closer to lunchtime, Khalil called us and said that everything was calm, they left, he looked at the cameras, we can go out freely.
But, to be honest, we had already lost the desire to go somewhere and the whole day we were moving away from the strongest shock, having reached only the nearest store.
Next to which we noticed a store called “Erol.”

And it upset and scared us even more.

“What a great and cheerful guy that Erol was. Could this really happen to him? Maybe we should go to Emre and talk to him and find out if this is true?” – I suggested.

“Yes, I think this is the right idea. But not today. Better, let’s come to our senses” – answered the son.

When we returned home, we saw that our little alley was already full of quite expensive cars, and they continued to drive up one after another.

“These are people from our area who come to discuss the dangerous situation and take protective measures” — Khalil explained.

In the evening we thought that we need to get away from all this nightmare, get a good sleep and then calmly analyze the situation.

As soon as we began to carry out this plan, the call rang:

“Brother, they are back. Be careful. They quarreled with another group and at night there may be a showdown between them. Be quiet, pretend that you are not and everything will be fine, they are fighting among themselves, they are not interested in you” ― again stunned us the owner of the apartment.

And for some reason, all night long on the street, every few minutes, cars drove up one after another and their doors were loudly slammed, some aggressive loud male voices were heard (we do not know Turkish) and several times there were screams similar to requests for help. And again we sat in some kind of bubble or web of sticky horror until the morning and again wondered what was happening on the street … and again were afraid to look out the window …

And the next day we saw that Khalil, whose door was next to ours, was brought a large
refrigerator and he examined it inside while standing on the landing.

“Great! Do you want to buy more food now?” ― we asked.

“Brother, I think that if to take the shelves out of it, it can hide in case of danger” ― he replied.

After these two, we were given a whole series of nights with similar, but each time different “performances” and “scary” calls.

And after 7-10 days, the owner of the apartment knocked on our door and said:
“Sorry, brother, I myself don’t know what came over me and I unintentionally scared you. Forgive me please!”

Gradually we began to come to our senses and reasonably comprehend and analyze what was happening.

The man in the black shirt turned out to be surprisingly similar to the guy sitting on the check-in in the hotel opposite, and the woman who was talking to him was the owner of the neighboring guest house “Tulip”.

And when we passed a store called “Erol” as if someone started to stretch our mouths in a smile.

And now these episodes my son and I can no longer remember without laughing.

Now that some time has passed since those events, and we have a little comprehended what happened with us in Istanbul and tried to understand what really happened there.

This is what we want to discuss with you in the next short note-comments to this episode.

To be continued…

A paranormal virus on WhatsApp.

I saw that I received a note on WhatsApp from my longtime friend I.

“What does this mean? Where are these photos from?” – he wrote in WhatsApp.

“I don’t know, I haven’t written or sent you anything.”

“Look for yourself!” – he replied.

Indeed, I saw that one after the other, a multitude of some unknown photographs were sent to him by themselves.

For the most part, these were images of men, but images of women, children, and married couples were also present.

I. is a good man, but I knew that he adheres to very conservative views, absolutely denying the possibility of phenomena unexplained by traditional science.

I understood that any mention of paranormal phenomena and even more their manifestation annoys him, because he always tries not to notice them or tries to squeeze them into the rigid framework of traditional explanations, and this is far from always possible.

However, where did these photos come from? I definitely didn’t have them on my phone.

I felt very uncomfortable in front of a friend, as if I had done something wrong, and I began to delete the photo as soon as possible.
This process continued for a while, meaning I deleted the sent images, and instead of them new ones immediately appeared. Then I. wrote to me:

“Don’t delete them. We must try to understand their source.”

I stopped deleting photos, but now they suddenly began to delete and disappear from my friend’s account by themselves.

I. could not stand this any more and blocked my account. He wrote me a note by e-mail, in which he informed about this, saying that apparently I had some kind of virus on WhatsApp.

But none of WhatsApp’s other contacts anymore, although during this little incident, I communicated with one of them, not a single photo or anything else was sent.
It has been several months since that episode, but I can see that my account is still blocked by him, although at times we correspond with him by e-mail.

What is your opinion on this episode, dear readers?
How would you explain what happened?

Today, the following version of what happened seems reasonable to us.
If we proceed from the hypothesis that everything that exists is materialized energy information and each of us contains many energy information worlds.

That case could have been as follows:

One of the energetic worlds contained in me wanted to show and prove to my friend that the world does not work as it is written in hiscientific books, but with incredible persistence he did not want to think for a second that it was possible.

Imagine that we bought a flash drive, it contains some information, for example, a movie that we want to watch. We know that the film was recorded there, but we can’t watch it by looking at the flash drive. To do this, we need a computer to watch a movie. In this case, one of the energy worlds contained in us simply plays the role of this computer, which makes it possible to see energy-informational actions in the form of material actions.

Teleportation of household items in everyday life.

Dear friends! Have you ever had such cases when some things, objects, household chemicals disappeared by themselves and then suddenly appeared somewhere else? It is likely that you have also had cases of teleportation of household items.

This is not surprising, if we assume that all material objects and actions are materialized energy information. Thus, the teleportation of these household items is easy to explain. The object simply passes into the energy-informational form and is in a parallel space or energy-informational world for some time. We don’t see it or feel it. Then it regains its material form, materializes in one place or another. A well-known variant of the teleportation of the Jinn, teleporting to the Aladdin lamp or another vessel and back.
And today we would like to tell you a few episodes from our daily life related to the teleportation of household items.

On one of the cool winter nights in Eilat, my son and I decided to spend the night in the courtyard of the villa, where there was a diving club. To do this, I dressed warmly, took a warm blanket. A cool breeze was blowing, but it was cool under the warm blanket! Just as I was about to relax and fall to sleep, I felt that I was lying in some kind of dampness. I pulled back the blanket and saw that there was a foamy greenish puddle under my back with a peculiar smell of dish detergent that was in our kitchen. The blanket was also wet on the inside, but dry on the outside. No one passed me during this time. The son was dozing in his bed. How could this happen? Apparently, the liquid was teleported.

My son and I went to look for an apartment in Eilat. We chose an area close to work, and at the same time internally realizing that this area is unlikely to suit us for life, we stubbornly continued to search there, until right on my head disposable cups began to fall from somewhere on top of me. Although they were plastic cups and they were very light, but in itself it was very unpleasant and we soon left the uncomfortable zone. And these cups were from a diving club, from which we were about a mile away. This is also a variant of household teleportation.

In Bulgaria, in Golden Sands, for a month we left a laptop on a chair every day before going to bed, and in the morning it was nowhere to be found, and for some reason it was in the table for lunch.

Then we moved from Golden Sands to Varna for a couple of months. In the apartment we rented there, a few days later my old phone disappeared from the window sill and appeared just a few days before departure.

An interesting case of teleportation occurred in Eilat with the keys to the apartment in Grape Lane, which was clearly not suitable for us to live in, but we did not want to understand this. So far, there has not been a series of unusual, interesting and, to be honest, quite frightening us then incidents. I have described this story in more detail in the Unexplained Episodes as part of everyday life (Season 1; Episode 4 and 5). When we spent the night in that apartment for the last time, in that morning, the key disappeared right from the keyhole of the front door. A few hours later, when I finished working at the diving club, my son and I went to the store “Gourmet”. Not far from it, I stopped and said that we would have to refuse from rent of that apartment and that we would never stay there again. And then, from somewhere above, right in front of me, almost hitting my nose, the keys fell.

How interesting, amazing and little-studied Life is, how we want to learn to understand it better!

Tea party with cookies by paranormal.

It turned out that in Adjara, namely in Batumi, a lot of precipitation falls and although it was already the end of May, the second day was hopelessly raining.

Usually we try to stick to a more proper diet, but then we could not resist and bought oatmeal cookies in the store, which we had not eaten for many months and decided to have a tea party. I put the cookies on a plate and went to do other household chores.

Suddenly the son says, “Look, in my opinion, there are fewer cookies”.

I also thought so, but I naturally did not remember exactly how many cookies I put on a plate.

We sat down to eat and drink tea with “harmful”, but so tempting for us cookies. Both the son and I took one of the cookies and took a bite of each of our own, each of us holding his own cookie in his hand. 

And then again the son says, “Look, I took a bite, and half of the cookie disappeared”

“I also lost part of the cookie that I was holding in my hand”, I said with surprise.

Then we looked at the plate and noticed that although when I laid out the cookies, all the cookies were whole, only half of one of them remained. Then we counted how many cookies were on the plate and began to notice that as soon as we turn away somewhere, the thing disappears, and the very moment of the disappearance of the cookies we can not catch.

Then, when there was only one piece of the cookie left on the plate, it suddenly began to disappear from the plate, then fall noisily on it from “nowhere”.

Involuntarily I wondered what was happening with the cookies?

And I have a version that apparently, someone invisible, some energy-informational world just decided to play with us – cookies dematerialize, go into energy-informational form and in this form someone just moves the cookies to a parallel space for the game. And the piece falling back on the plate, respectively, underwent two metamorphoses – that is, it dematerialized and materialized again, but at the same time its energy information and its properties changed.

A piece of the cookies looked quite appetizing and the smell from it was more pleasant than before and I decided to take a bite out of it and for some reason I immediately felt very funny. While I was laughing, the remaining piece disappeared again and then fell past the plate. I picked it up and tried to put it back on the plate, but it didn’t feel good and I threw it away.

That’s how funny the tea party turned out to be.

After that, I did a little warm-up in the yard and decided to take a shower.

And taking a shower is most often accompanied by quite funny phenomena.

Through the small window of the bathroom that looked out into the courtyard, my son’s small folding umbrella first squeezed into the shower stall, and then a large transparent umbrella, which when I dragged it out of the window began to open…

The son, seeing me coming out of the bathroom with an open umbrella, burst out laughing loudly.

How Amazing Life is, so many secrets and riddles still misunderstood by us.

We are waiting for your feedback, dear friends, thank you all for your attention!

Ghosts. What is it… mysticism or reality?

Dear readers! Who among us has not faced at least once in his life with such situations?

Did you wake up at night to hear some strange sounds, noises in the house or apartment?  Disappeared some necessary thing that you seem to have left in place, and then after some time it may have been found in an incomprehensible way? Has this ever happened to you or to your friends and acquaintances? Most likely, your answer is positive. We think that this happens to almost everyone. Thus, it is likely that almost all of us have encountered paranormal phenomena in one way or another.

The topic of ghosts has long attracted and interested people. Many works have been written on this topic, many films, TV series, and cartoons have been shot, which invariably arouse increased interest in the viewer. There are some places, houses, apartments that are known all over the world for the fact that there are always some strange things happening there.

People hear some strange noises, strange sounds, windows and doors open and close, mattresses, pillows, wardrobe shelves come to life, water flows, strange silhouettes are seen, and much more. The range of these phenomena is diverse. In the last episodes, we also talked about similar unexplained phenomena that occurred in our rented apartments and in the diving club in Eilat. Now, dear reader, a question for you. How would you explain these unusual episodes at us if they all took place in one single apartment? How do you usually explain strange paranormal events that occur in homes or apartments? It is often accepted to explain them by the presence of a ghost.
But strange things happened in our apartment on Eilot Street, on Grape Lane, and in the diving club.

Does this mean that a ghost was in all these places? Or that we somehow took them with us? Hardly. Most likely, this hypothesis is not entirely true.

But let us allow ourselves for a moment to put forward another hypothesis.

If we assume that the whole world is a materialized energy information, everything falls into place. Each person has their own unique energy information or set of energy worlds and the place where they live – too. Although of course there is a common energy information for the country and its inhabitants, but each place and each person has its own energy-informational features or its own set of energy worlds. When the energies of a place and a person come into some kind of resonance, a free bundle of energy is formed, which can be completely invisible, or take any form, no matter what-a person, an animal, or an object.

He (a bundle of energy) for some time begins to live his life and perform any actions. Of course, for the most part, not creative and not creative, but let’s say such that just do not give rest to a person.

On the one hand, we can say that these phenomena are negative for us, and on the other hand, they can be a huge positive if we perceive these phenomena as a chance, as a push for the necessary changes for us. If we understand that we are not allowed to rest, so that we understand something both in ourselves and in the overall picture of the world order, so that we go further along the path of development and understanding of this Amazing Life!

Bermuda Triangle at home???

Unusual paranormal or unexplained cases began to occur at us a year and a half ago.

Including the disappearance of things, objects, some of which then appeared by themselves in the same room, some on the street, and some disappeared altogether.

And we decided to share these stories, thinking that perhaps something similar happened to many of you.

The first time our laptop and telephone disappeared at night, and then in the morning our passports also disappeared.

We could not understand anything and were very upset, spent half a day in search, climbed all possible places in the apartment where these things could fit.

We didn’t find anything, already started ordering a new phone, when a few hours later the disappearance was unexpectedly discovered; first passports appeared, then a laptop and finally a phone.

They were in the places where I had already looked for them.
Then we could not explain how it happened, and soon we stopped thinking about it.

But after a while, our phones, a laptop, bed linen, towels and our things began to disappear on a regular basis, and then they appeared in the most unexpected places.

Once, my son and I left my work, heading for a walk, and suddenly in front, on the bridge across the dry river, we saw that something was glittering, came closer and really opened our mouths in surprise.

It turned out that what glittered was the glowing screen of the son’s phone.

How could it appear there? When we left it at work remained a mystery to us.
An analogy with the Bermuda Triangle involuntarily suggests itself.
Events are similar and they fall out of line with traditional science.

The difference is in their scale.
It means, perhaps, these events give us a chance to understand something extremely important about us and about the world in which we live, to look at it in a new way.

What is your opinion?
Where could both household items and planes and ships disappear?
Have any items disappeared at you? Have they been found?

A parable about unreasonable fear, importance and stupidity of the paranormal.

In the morning at breakfast my son and I usually discuss our news and plans.

And then I tell him “Here’s a funny post I read on Facebook. A man asks how to feed the invisible creature so that he will not make noise at night – leave cookies, a saucer of milk?
Doesn’t he understand that the creature is just energy information? And he has no material stomach and intestines?”

We laughed. And began to do other things.

Then, somewhere during lunch, the owner’s car drives into the yard, although he usually parks it near the gate of the house. I was in the bathroom and heard the car doors slamming. I leave the bathroom and see that my son looks rather strange.

“What’s wrong with you? Is something wrong?”, I ask.

“They carried something heavy, elongated upward so quickly. It looked like a coffin.”

“What nonsense? Why do they need it? True, the owner’s wife recently returned from the funeral of her grandmother from the village, but she was already buried.”

“Do you remember the owner of the house saying that his mother died recently, maybe this is such a ceremony for 40 days?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen or heard anything like that. All this honestly looks like nonsense. But everything is possible, I don’t know what customs and orders are here.” And we were in Adjaria, in Batumi.

And then we felt that it became somehow hard for us and thought that we needed to take a walk and ventilate our brains.

Not far from our house there was a bakery and son said, “Let’s buy some small cupcake just in case, as the man on Facebook wanted to do, who was haunted by an invisible creature”. And we actually bought a cupcake at the bakery for this purpose, while we ourselves choked with laughter.

After walking another two hundred meters down the street, we met a tall man walking towards us, carrying a large shovel.

Surprisingly, it was I who paid attention to the shovel, although the son is usually more attentive.

“Look!”, I say, “The shovel is like to bury the object they were carrying,” I said and burst out laughing.

And the son thoughtfully said, “I have never seen anyone carry a shovel before.”

We walked a little more and now the son says, “Look, look at that stone stele, there was a candle and a portrait of the deceased” (indeed, there are such stone steles in Batumi).

“Yeah, but I didn’t even notice”, I answered.

When we were already returning to the house, I was suddenly struck by the “brilliant” idea that the owner’s car was not so big that a seven foot coffin could fit into it.

The owner’s car was parked near the entrance gate and the really seven foot object obviously could not fit there.

We laughed for a long time at our stupidity, stupid importance and unreasonable fears.

The cupcake left on the table remained untouched in the morning.

And on the glass in the bathroom was the inscription “Ha-ha! Moron!”