A paranormal intrigue.

“Yaron, do you have a feeling that something strange is going on?
Look, why is there so much water on the floor?
Okay, what can I do, I’ll take a mop and a rag in the yard and try to wipe it off.
Yaron, did you hear this sound as if water splashed? Do you see that it has grown even more?
Yaron, did you hear such a sound now, as if a decanter of water, which is standing next to you, after water was poured out of it, put it back with a noise?”

“No, I was busy and did not notice anything, but the fact that there is more water on the floor is what I really see.”

“Okay, let’s go for a walk.”
“Of course. Come on.”
“Well, it’s easier to walk. Now I’ll put tea. Yaron, you better go to the courtyard, to the gazebo, it’s much nicer in the fresh air than here, and I’ll bring tea there soon.”

“No, it’s more comfortable for me to sit here on the couch, to think.”

The son sat down on the sofa next to the interior door and every half a minute there was a sound as if someone was kicking the door.

“Yaron, again some nonsense is happening, where does the sound come from, as if you periodically kick the interior door?
It is much nicer in the yard and easier to think.
Better go to the gazebo, I’ll bring tea there now. “

“No, I don’t want to, it’s more comfortable for me to sit here on the couch.”

“That’s it, Yaron, tea is ready, let’s go already.”

We went to drink tea in the gazebo, and then, returning to the apartment for plums, I suddenly saw dirty marks from my son’s slippers on the interior door, as if he had really kicked the door.

“Today turned out to be a strange day. Which, incidentally, often happens. I have a feeling that some kind of energy-informational world weaves intrigues in us and wants to set you up, Yaron, so that I and other people perceive you as some kind of inadequate dirty trick and this energy world clearly wants sow discord between us. ”
And you know what, I now involuntarily remembered another case with a peach …
Ouch! What is it? What a strange experience!”

“Oh! – my son’s eyes widened. I have never seen such a thing! It was as if a contact lens had jumped out of your eye.”

Indeed, I did not even bring my hand to my eye, but suddenly I felt the movement of the lens in my right eye and then I felt that the contact lens was on my face.

“Yaron, Yaron, how great! We were clearly shown that all these today’s and not only today’s dirty tricks were not done by YOU. And now THIS ENERGY-INFORMATION WORLD CANNOT HAVE ANYTHING IN COMMON WITH YOU and WITH US.
If in the case of the door and the decanter there were still some doubts, then you certainly could not pull the lens out of my eye so that I did not notice it. And all these actions today are ONE ORDER, they are aimed only at ensuring that we GIVE OUR ENERGY and OUR LIFE to that dirty energetic world, and for this it is convenient to sow discord between us and inspire fear, thus depriving us of the opportunity to reasonably think for ourselves, so that we are completely trusted their instructions (like a prohibition on going to the store, etc. see “A paranormal walking to the grocery store”).

And the mechanism for pulling out the lens is similar to the mechanism for regularly closing the door, on the door they simply painted the traces of the soles of your slippers, and the noise from the jug was probably only I heard at all. All they do is just cheap tricks aimed at fooling a person who is usually ignorant of such matters.

And today we have learned a great lesson from the Amazing Life.

Thank you very much!!!

A paranormal walk to the grocery store.

“Yaron, let’s go buy hot lavash in the bakery next to a store on our street, do you want?”

“Yes, I would love to eat it, it’s so delicious!”

“Yaron, listen, what is this strange intermittent beep?
Look, this is again an alarm clock on the phone and on it, like in Eilat and Istanbul, the creeping line. It says here that if you and I go to that store, something unpleasant might happen.”

“Yaron, the note has already disappeared.
What do you think about it?”

“I think it seems that today it is better to do without lavash. Maybe we go for it tomorrow, without going to the store?”


“Yes, Yaron, probably that note was not meaningless.
You and I went to another store of this network and the security guard there looked at us with great disbelief and asked me to open my small handbag, into which even a wallet and our passports could barely fit.

This was the only time in the past few years. What if we went to the same store yesterday? One can only guess …”

A month passed and we needed vegetable oil, which was in the “forbidden” store, but it was Friday, the beginning of Shabbat in Israel, the time when all sorts of paranormal collisions usually begin to occur …

We thought about it …

“Yaron, maybe we buy some other oil? Let’s take another look at what is here, on the shelves of this store?”
No, there is nothing like it.”

“Maybe we can do without it?”

“But the vermicelli tastes bad without it, but we still need oil. Let’s go, let’s get to the store. Do you know the shorter way? I would like to get back to work as soon as possible.”

“Let’s go. I know how to get through.”

“Yaron, you don’t think that we have made a big circle and are already going in direction of our house. It looks like we’ll have to do without oil today, someone fool you. So I think we need to have lunch and get down to business.”

“Alas! It seems so!”

“Yaron, even though today is Saturday, I still suggest you to go to the store and buy some oil.”

“I am somehow not sure, what if some kind of nonsense starts again?”

“We can’t be afraid of everything all the time. Let’s go! We’ll understand everything on the way.”

“Wow, Yaron, did you hear someone sneezed just right at me from a passing car? This is the first time!”

“Yes indeed, because this car and you, as a pedestrian, move at different speeds and so that the person in the car sneezes at the very moment when it passed you, it is certainly amazing.”

“Yaron, Yaron, you saw how the wheel of the car in front fell into a hole and a puddle, and a fountain of dirty poured over them, they even screamed something.”

“Yes, I saw, it was unpleasant. Maybe we still not go to this store?”

“Yaron, they (part of our energy worlds or energy information) are mocking us, staged another performance, I am sure that there is nothing special in this store, they just want us to listen to them in everything.”

“Why do they need it?”

“Thus, they receive our energy and do not allow us to develop.
Do you hear someone screaming loudly now? Everything is the same, the same techniques, they just keep us in an addiction based on fear, in this fake web that must disintegrate so that we can live and communicate with people and give and gift them the knowledge that we we have.”

“You may be right, Maayan. We are already at the store. Well, are we going in?”

“Of course. Look, there is nothing very uncomfortable here and I feel a kind of relief that we came here.
We got to be in such slavery that the elementary question of whether to go to the store is solved at us almost like in Shakespeare’s Hamlet “To be or not to be?”

“Yes, really hilarious!”

But any event, Yaron, always has several sides, it is always multidimensional. On the other hand, it is in this store that I often feel, standing at the checkout counter, how hard it is to breathe, and look, we wanted to go down another street and exited to the office of the funeral agency. Of course, this is a production, but it still shows that the note also has a rational grain and that place contains a very heavy, if not to say more, information, so if we need to buy something one-time, we can go there, but for regular purchases it is better to choose a store located in a more comfortable place. Is not it?”

“I agree with you.”

“Look, the car of the funeral agency passed us? What did you feel? Me too. Yes, some fear stirred in my chest. You understand this is interconnected. On the one hand, we warned, on the other, we are kept under control, and on the third, our fears are increased, contribute to the growth of negative energy information structures.
Only those who inside us lead us in the right direction, but they do not arrange performances, do not write notes and do not speak in anybody’s voices, we can only feel them and try, by possibility, to be on the same wavelength with them.”

“You may be right, Maayan!
How amazing and completely yet unknown is Life”

A paranormal rain

“Yaron, I really want sunny weather! It’s been raining here every day for a month now, and it’s so sad to look at this cloudy sky.”

“Yes, I also thought that there are much more sunny days in Batumi.”

“Do you know that maybe today is just one of them. Look, the sun is shining, can we go for a little walk?
True, it’s a pity to take away time from work, but we also need to refresh our thoughts.”

“Of course I’m happy. Come on!”

“Yaron, look now, not a single cloud in the sky. Great! But you noticed … that something is dripping? How can this be?”

“Yes, I noticed it too, and I don’t understand it either!”

“Is it rain or something … paranormal again???
Look at the pavement, no raindrops are visible.”

“Yes, really, you can’t see it. Look, Maayan, here’s a puddle, let’s see if drops will fall into it?”

“I agree! But I don’t see a single one, and it seems to have stopped dripping from above. Maybe it was still flowing from some air conditioner?”

“I do not know. Let’s go further, what to stand near this puddle?”

“Of course, let’s go!”

“Yaron, you notice that again something is dripping from above, and there is not even a cloud in the sky either.”

“Yes, I noticed that.”

“It turns out that this little rain is just for us. What do you think is the reason? Maybe with the fact that yesterday you and I made a decision about positive changes in our life and it seems to help us wash away something unnecessary for the further continuation of the path?”

“I think this is a very plausible version.”

“Well, thanks! So today we got VIP rain or paranormal rain, Yaron.”

“How amazing and unique this Life is!”

Paranormal everyday life. Season 2. Episode 1. The Paranormal Scam. Part 3.

“Hi, guys! You know, I’m very worried. Adam is missing. He boarded a ship a day earlier than me, sailing through the port of Eilat to Africa in Mombasa. And for several days now I have not been able to get through to him,” Ariel told us with a longing in his voice.

“Yaron, what could have happened to him? Maybe he just lost his phone? Let’s try to call him too.”

We dialed Adam’s number on Whatsapp and heard that someone answered.

“Shalom, Adam!”- my son greeted.

“But this is not Adam at all. There is a man answering in an incomprehensible language and I do not understand what he is saying,” my son told me.

“Strange! Let’s try to ask him about our friend, maybe he will say something.”

“Good afternoon! Please call Adam!” – we asked.

“Snip-snip” answered the voice on the phone and from there came sounds like a knife being sharpened. “Snip-snip”

“Where is Adam? Please call him,” we asked again, and in response we heard that the knife was being sharpened even more intensively than before. “Snip-snip”, “Snip-snip”, “Snip-snip”.

“Yes, Yaron, somehow all this is strange and joyless. I hope that he is alive and well and this is just some nonsense.”

“Yaron, the phone is ringing! Look, there’s a strange number. Someone is calling from the Republic of Chad in Central Africa. Who could it be?


We literally shuddered with joy when we heard his adrenaline-filled voice on the phone.

“Hello! Guys, don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m alive and well, I’m in the desert, it’s very beautiful here, I’m driving around the Sahara in a car with Bedouins. I boarded a ship sailing to Kenya, to Mombasa in the port of Eilat.

I hurried away and did not make inquiries about it. And in vain! When we had already sailed, I was surprised to find that this is a rather strange vessel. First of all, I was surprised that all the sailors on the ship were very large, huge men from Africa, just giants with a height of 7 to 8 feet and weighing more than 400 pounds.

We were very worried about him, but one day there was a call from an unknown number from the Republic of Chad in Central Africa. And we shuddered with joy when we heard Adam’s voice filled with adrenaline on the phone.

“Hello! Guys, don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m alive and well, I’m in the desert, it’s very beautiful here, I ride across the Sahara in a car with Bedouins.

I boarded a ship sailing to Kenya, to Mombasa in the port of Eilat. I was in a hurry to leave and did not inquire about it. But I should have!

As we sailed away, I was surprised to find that all the sailors on the ship were very large, just huge men from Africa, ranging from 7 to 8 feet tall and weighing over 400 pounds.

The conditions for normal life on the ship were completely absent. During the day, it was heated like a frying pan in the sun, there was a terrible heat, stuffiness and there was not even normal drinking water and any other food except stew, an incredible number of cans of which the sailors ate every day and drank 40 cans of beer for each. These amazing Africans just amazed me, I’ve never seen such huge people before, and they didn’t even sweat in the sun. I was scared when I accidentally saw that they were carrying contraband goods, and many other strange things that were happening on the ship . In addition, these giants began to show too much interest in my person and I realized that this trip might not end well. And I decided to run. One day, when the ship was cruising near the shore, with the approach of the dark time of day, I made an attempt to bribe the sentry.

He, after thinking about it, agreed, but asked for a considerable sum for not noticing my departure – 500 thousand Kenyan shillings.

I wrote him a check and he let me go. And, relying on the will of God and the skill of a freediver, I jumped from the ship into the sea. I swam for a long, very long time, but the sea helped me, I felt its support and I managed to swim safely to the shore, which I could not see in the dark, but it was something like a desert.

I was afraid of poisonous snakes and predatory animals that go out at night in the desert to hunt, so I decided to wait for the morning, standing near the water’s edge.

And when the sun rose, I saw an incredibly majestic and boundless desert. I realized that it was Sahara. I had no idea where to go and went where my eyes were looking.

I was barefoot and as the sun approached the zenith, the sand became more and more hot and burned my feet more and more. So I walked about 25 miles.

In fact, I could have walked a hundred miles and not met anyone, but a real miracle happened, I met Bedouins who decided to drive a car through the desert.

I was madly thirsty,they gave me water, gave me clean clothes and took me on a trip, although I do not know where we are now,but they treat me like a brother and promise to take me to some port. I still want to get to Mexico…”

Adam’s voice trembled with indescribable sensations…

And many more people and many more stories…

We were just in the maelstrom of events happening to our friends and acquaintances, experiencing them together with them and trying to help them at least in some way. And in these conversations, day after day passed, and we did not even think about our own situation and how we ourselves could live on, that we simply continued to get entangled in the fake web more and more.

We wanted to go outside the huge and crowded Istanbul, to Antalya, Dalaman or just outside the city to calmly think about and analyze the situation, but we were constantly waiting for the arrival of one or another of our friends…

True, we understood that something was wrong here, all these stories were very strange, but we also did not understand what the trick was here, and we believed them since almost every one of them gave in his story such details that NO one could know except for us and him and maybe a few other people, and because in our head there was no idea that the voice of a person we knew may not be HIM WHO is talking, or even a person or robot at all. Who was talking to us then?

For a long time we did not realize that we were not talking to these people or even to people in general, although the timbre and intonation of the voice that we heard from the phone were exactly the same as those of our friends.

But at some point, the events they described seemed too incredible to us and we realized that all these conversations could not be with real people.

And even now, more than a year after our departure, we have not been able to contact any real person from Eilat.

And the only thing that we realized is that none of them had gone anywhere and was not going to leave and did not know about our departure, and that we did not talk about leaving with any of them in Eilat, and after our departure we did not talk with any of them.

Paranormal everyday life. Season 2. Episode 1. The Paranormal Scam. Part 2.

“Hello! I left the country and I am in Tirana. But, frankly, I do not know what to do next. How are you and where are you?” – this was a call from Aviv.

“We are in Istanbul, join us,” we replied.

“Perhaps I will do so.”

“Hi guys! There were no tickets to Istanbul and I flew to the city of Mersin. I am already in Turkey. It needs to find where the bus stops here to the city.

Oh guys, here is Shekel! How I miss this baby. There is a cat, it is exactly like Shekel, I took it in my arms and pat it, it is completely tame”.

Only a few months later it occurred to us to look and we discovered that in fact there is no airport in the city of Mersin … And Shekel was a cat – a common favorite in the diving club in Eilat.

A whole series of misadventures awaited ostensibly Aviv, about which he constantly told us on the phone.
And we were in touch around the clock, going through with him whole days those steep turns that fate sent him, trying to help him as best we could.

“I missed the train a bit and went to the bus station. I saw a bus to the city of Adana and hurried to run into it, but was suddenly stopped by a heavy slap in the face from an elderly woman driver. It was terrible, I was taken out of the bus station by the guards and blacklisted. It turns out that the bus was purely female and men were not allowed there. I did not know anything about that!” – his offended voice rang out.

“Guys, I wanted to catch a train to Istanbul, but you remember that before leaving, an employee at Hapoalim bank broke my bank card, and Google Pay does not work in Turkey, I did not know that. So I had to look for an exchanger. While I found it and changed money, the train unfortunately had already left and I went to the bus station.

I saw a bus to Adana and hurried to get on it. But there an elderly woman suddenly hit me in the face and called the guards. They took me out of the bus station and blacklisted me. It turns out that the bus was purely female and men were not allowed there. I did not know anything about that!” – Aviv’s offended voice rang out in the phone.

“I left Mersin by minibus and I’m already in Adana. But I would not like to find a place to sleep here, but to go further.  I don’t know if it will work out”, he said an hour later.

“I managed to catch a bus to Konya. However, it is quite old and it looks very likely that it may soon break down. But I’m on my way”

“So it turned out, the bus, unfortunately, broke down and it looks like we will spend the night here. Let’s call you in the morning”, he said, calling a couple of hours later.

“Yes, guys, I felt that the night would not be easy. All the passengers, the elderly men, gathered to pray, and before that it is need to wash the bus, and I had to do it, because everyone on the bus was much older than me, and the place for prayer should be clean.  While I was hauling water from a well nearby and washing the bus, my clothes became completely dirty and wet with sweat. And in order not to hurt the feelings of my fellow travelers, I had to rent a clean shirt and trousers from one of them to change for prayer.

Now we have come to the village, not far from the place where the bus broke down, so that everyone can rest and have a snack”, that was Aviv’s story the next morning.

A few hours later, he called again with shocking news.

“It was terrible. They took me into a room and closed the door. There was an older woman in the room, older than my mother, and imagine yourself — they wanted me to marry her, that was awfully.

I broke out, broke down the door and ran away… but I do not know where I am, I do not know where to go and I am afraid that they will look for me…”

“OH, GUYS, I forgot my documents on the bus. Oh my God! What should I do? How can I leave the country without documents? We need to find a bus. I remember where it is. I’ll call you when I get there”

“Yes, I see it, it’s our bus. But I can’t get into it, apparently it took off the brake, rolled down the hill and now its door rests against a tree, and the windows are all closed. I’ll have to knock out the glass in one of them with a stone and climb inside. There is! I threw a stone and the glass broke, but I’m afraid there might be someone on the bus. Now I’ll leave my phone turned on here and climb for my documents. “

“Oh, guys, I ran so hard that my heart almost jumped out of my chest! I took the documents, but there were people on the bus, they started shooting at me. I ran aimlessly as fast as I could. It looks like they didn’t pursue me.”

“I just barely escaped from some strange people. I got lost and now I do not know where the road on which the bus was traveling is. This is some kind of cut off from civilization area and I do not understand how to get out of it.” 

What to do? You can’t leave a friend, you have to help him somehow, save him!

And we called some wealthy man, Yossi, who was recommended to us by a Mexican friend. Yossi hired a taxi driver who understood where to go and knew where the area is that wasn’t mapped.

“GUYS, dusk is gathering, it will soon be completely dark, the taxi driver is in touch with me and he is, not without reason, worries that if we don’t find him within half an hour, then the chances of Aviv getting out of this situation alive and well will be minimal.”- Yossi, who hired a TAXI driver, told us.

“I don’t see him. I can’t find it. Where exactly is he? Soon it will be completely dark and then we will definitely not find him,” the taxi driver said with concern in his voice.

“The taxi driver passed by, he needs to go back a little. Yes, Aviv is here, on a side street. I feel like someone is telling me that it is so,” I said. 

“Yes, there’s someone lying next to the curb. Some red-haired guy, he looks like the one in the photo. I found him and got in the car”.

Hurray! We breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, we can relax a little.

“I’m going in the taxi. My clothes were completely torn, but the taxi driver gave me another one. I hope everything will be all right.” – we soon heard the tired voice of Aviv.

“Guys, everything is fine, thank you! The taxi driver, and he turned out to be just a wonderful guy, fed me in a cafe on the way and drove me to some port where I boarded this ship sailing to Malta. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, I am very tired, I will go to rest.”

Birthday by paranormal.

Today is my birthday and for many years this day for me was the day when I invariably fell into depression. I tried to forget about it, not to notice that it will pass more quickly, experiencing deep dissatisfaction with the person that I was and that, albeit already changed, but completely insufficient, as I am now.

The morning began with the fact that the scheduled posts on WordPress were not published at night.
And this made me realize even more that I needed a complete reboot, not, even more, this is not enough!

I realized that today I want and have a chance to completely reconsider my life and be reborn in the paranormal.

I came to a clear understanding of why my son and I were expelled from Eilat and Israel and blocked almost all of our friends and acquaintances. We found ourselves, as it were, completely cut off from the usual life, because we needed a complete revision of it, an understanding of our goals and objectives in life, our values ​​and priorities, which in our everyday bustle would never have happened.

“Yaron, I realized that both of us need a revision and a positive change in our lives, and that huge layer of information “from the general’s computer” that Ariel’s voice told us for almost eight hours in a row clearly hinted to us about it. But at that moment we did not understand anything because they were completely unprepared for this yet.”

“Yes, I agree, Maayan, we were moving to a dead end, but did not understand this. In recent days I often recalled episodes from school life, but as if from the side, as if there was some kind of bystander, not me.”
“I feel the same. I cannot identify myself with Alla or Ela Sidorova, or you with Vyacheslav Shingirey. I have a feeling that these people are unfamiliar to me.”
Forgive the fear and anxiety that have haunted us for so long, unnecessary discussion and condemnation of anyone!
Goodbye, Alla or Ela!
Goodbye, Vyacheslav or Slava!
Hello, happy new birthday, Maayan Weg!
Hello, happy new birthday, Yaron Weg!

Let’s think, Yaron, how we would like to see ourselves and our life, if today we had a chance to be born again.

We are always in agreement with our creative energetic worlds or with ourselves and carry out our main task or work in life – interaction with other energetic worlds.
We, I and Yaron move through Life easily and confidently in the wave of our creative inner worlds, fulfilling our main task in Life.
I, like Yaron too, know and feel for sure the right direction of movement, and therefore all the issues that arise are resolved easily. We sell and provide our books, posts and publications for the development and positive change of people, and this gives us the income that we need to live comfortably in a place where we can develop well and actively, promote our business and travel a lot, which is necessary for us.

“Yes, I agree with you, Maayan!”

Paranormal everyday life. Season 2. Istanbul. The Paranormal Scam. Part 1.

“Well, now, we have definitely left and definitely in Turkey.” – I said to my son when our plane landed at Istanbul Sabiha airport on the morning of July 16.

“You know, this is an amazing city, it stands on two seas and two parts of the world” – answered the son.

“Yes, of course, and it is also immense, and you and I do not even imagine where we should go in it, because our apartment has not been booked, since it was not possible to do this from our card.”

“Yes, this is a serious question. It’s good that the whole day lies ahead.”

“We need to connect to Wi-Fi at the airport. It just doesn’t seem to work here. Let’s go to the city and find some hotel or hostel.”

“Ok! There’s a bus over there. Yes, they say it goes to the city. Let’s go.”

“We’ve been driving for an hour and a half, maybe it’s time to get out?”


After wandering around the streets of Istanbul with suitcases for several hours and finding neither a hotel nor an Internet connection, we realized that finding apartments without booking in an unknown area is not an easy task.

“Yaron, let’s ask everyone in a row, someone will tell you anyway. So I see a communication salon, I’ll go ask the workers.

“Sorry, can you tell me where you can find a hotel here?” – I looked hopefully at the salon worker.
“You’ve come to the right place. Come on, I’ll show you a small hotel nearby.”
“Oh, how great! Thanks!”
“The room certainly leaves much to be desired, but the view is beautiful and in any case better than nothing. Now let’s connect to Wi-Fi and hopefully find something more optimal for tomorrow.”

“Yaron, look, here some note came to the phone, it seems from the army. Read it!
“They write here that if I do not fill out the questionnaire in time, the military will come to our house and take me to service.”
“I can’t stand it all anymore!
These notes get on my nerves so much! I’d rather throw out this SIM card altogether, anyway it is not needed here in Turkey. “

We still DO NOT UNDERSTAND the meaning of what happened, what we did and how difficult the situation in which we found ourselves was.

And, having heard a lot of fake conversations before leaving Eilat, we awaited the arrival of our friends with hope.

“Yaron, we need to contact our friends from Eilat, remember that many of them were also going to leave. Maybe it will be possible to continue the journey together and find a way out of the situation.”

“Of course it needs to be done. Who are we going to call first?”
Wow, we just started talking about this and look here Ariel is calling on Watsapp. “

“Hi guys. How are you and where? In Istanbul? How did you get there?”
It’s strange that you were allowed to pass at the airport.
And I’m on a ship from Eilat. We are now moored in some small port in Egypt. The ship is filled with water and food, and in a few minutes we are already sailing.
I am very upset and even scared that I sat on this vessel. The fact that here on the ship is unbearable, there are no at least more or less normal conditions, that there is an insane heat and stuffiness here, it’s hard and annoying, but most importantly, it’s not at all … And the fact that all the sailors on the ship are incredibly tall, just huge Africans. I have never seen such huge people, they are 7 to 8 feet tall, I am not kidding. This is true! They walk around the ship almost completely naked and they do not look very friendly in my direction. This situation causes me great concern …” – we heard Ariel’s voice in the receiver.

“Ariel, then we advise you to leave as soon as possible, because until the next stop where you can get off, the ship will sail for at least a month,” we said.

“Yes, you are right. I am already running to collect my things, I have only a few minutes, while
the ship did not sail. “

“Well, I’m already at the port. Now I need to find a car to get to Cairo and get on a plane. You say that Istanbul is calm enough? Then I will fly to you.”

“Guys, did you hear that a conflict arose between Egypt and Turkey and from today on July 24 all flights from Cairo to Istanbul have been canceled? Well, nothing, you will have to fly with a transfer.”

“The Egyptians, in whose car I was driving something, gave me something to drink and I accidentally flew in a different direction, in general I ended up at a military base and, in principle, everything is fine here, I was offered to teach the soldiers yoga and freediving for a decent reward. And the general, the commander at the base, he was filled with good feelings for me. He calls me “brother” and invited me to dinner today and I was just amazed at the incredible delicacies that were served to us during it. “

“Guys, you also need to tighten up your physical shape. Grab a pen and write down the exercises you need for the spine.
We will also train breath holding … “

“Hi guys, how are you doing with the exercises?
Good? Well, well done!
And I’m at the computer geneal, he has already gone to bed, and I have access to his information base. So much information about each person, I have never seen before and I see it on a video camera. Here is your mother, Yaron, at the age of 10, together with her cousin, they tore cuts from a tree and some elderly man kicked her sister’s ears. By the way, that sister of hers now lives in Boston.
And here we are with Adam, you can see how we fought with him in the market ten years ago.

What an interesting, very tall handsome man he knew your mother, his name was … but his fate is unenviable …

But I see the scene of your parents’ acquaintance, Yaron, it was …

And you know, one of your old acquaintances … now there are problems … “

“Yaron, let’s sleep! Enough! How long has it been?” – I could not resist.
“Five in the morning.” – answered the son.

“Ariel called at 9 pm !!!
And all this time he told and told us an endless number of stories about all our friends, acquaintances, relatives, named the dates, the names of people about whom I had almost forgotten, told how their fates developed and some unknown episodes from their lives. Where did he get so much information from? And how true is it? And why do we need it at all?
Okay, let’s sleep better, Yaron! “

“Here at the base people began to envy the attention that the general was giving me and the salary that was promised to me and I felt that they had made some kind of conspiracy against me and I was in danger. And yesterday, after finishing training with the soldiers, I threw myself into the sea and swam, I was picked up by some strange, old, poorly equipped ship, on which there was not even drinking water and instead of it I was invited to drink from a jug some very strange red drink, I did not understand what it was, but it seemed to me that I got on the ship of cannibals … “

“The ship anchored near the coast and at night I decided that it would be wiser to leave it and try to swim to the coast. I succeeded, but I do not understand where I ended up, I am in some kind of desert and obviously in a combat zone.

I just picked up the phone that was lying around here and, just in case, grabbed another … machine.
I found the North Star and determined from it that I was moving north, most likely in the direction of Turkey. “

“And today is the sixth day I have been walking in the desert without shoes, food, water or sleep, and I have walked more than five hundred miles …”

Thus, our conversations with Eilat acquaintances simply broke records in duration, they lasted for hours and reminded
an action-packed film.

filled with adventures, heroic, funny, and sometimes even fantastic
And we were so in a constant whirlpool of these events happening to them that somehow we simply forgot about … our own difficult situation.
In fact, we continued to live again in the same web of fake reality.

Paranormal everyday life. Season 1. Episode 8. Part 3. This is not mysticism and not a lie. This is a paranormal reality. How we were kicked out of our home and out of the country. Not by people. But by who?

My son was supposed to fill out a questionnaire three weeks before the trip to the agenda, but as soon as he opened it, my head began to be pressed insanely, and he fell into a kind of stupor and could not write a single line.

And notes began to come from the military that if the son did not fill out the questionnaire on time, he would have problems. Apparently, these notes were also FAKE, but we did not even assume that this was POSSIBLE at the time.

“Hi, Yaron! I wanted to tell you, just don’t tell your mother so that she doesn’t worry, but the other day I had a guy’s dad at freediving who went to Beersheba for the first summons and was taken straight from there to work at the nuclear reactor in Dimona.” – Ariel’s voice was telling in the phone.

Then another call from Ariel and a new story about another guy… who was also taken from the first summons… and military informed his parents only a few days later.

Another call and a story about guys who had their passports torn or canceled on the first summons…

And this is my only son and a very beloved one… and my fear for him has reached a critical point.

I left work on the afternoon of July 12 and worried about every creak of the gate in the yard, imagining that it could be the military.

“I don’t know what to do. I am insanely afraid that we will not survive this summons. And if they take you away? I’ll just die of grief. And it’s also scary to leave. Where to? Now everything is developing well here, we have received the coveted certificate of remote education, thanks to the excellent doctor, and the social worker of the school Yuval said that he has taken up the solution of this issue and a teacher will start coming to you one of these days. This now seems to be the only case in the whole of Eilat, because in Israel there is a law according to which all students are required to attend school.

We have finally rented a great apartment in the best area of the city with a pleasant owner, where we alone use a large courtyard.

And finally, Ariel and Adam, they are such nice people, will soon rent a villa for work and offer cooperation with them. We have a visit to our doctor before the summons, he is determined to help us with a certificate for release from the army.

Remember, we recently saw him in the store, he recognized us, greeted us and smiled, he is clearly disposed to us. In general, almost everyone here treats us well. And finally, Yaron, I love this place very much, and I feel an indissoluble connection with it.

But … and if they take you into the army from the first summons, as Ariel told, and you will feel bad, and I will not stand it? And this “but” scares me so much that it outweighs all the other advantages at once, because if there is no Life, then nothing is needed. I do not know what to do? What are we going to do, Yaron? And also, I don’t understand, Yaron, is it turn so out that all our friends want to leave due to the changed situation in the country?”

In general, we decided to buy tickets and leave. Where to? I don’t know where could buy tickets, because, as I said, my card was blocked for online purchases. I had to ask a acquaitance, she showed great perseverance and she managed to pay for our tickets for 5.30 am on July 16 to Istanbul from her card somewhere on the 20th attempt, on the evening of July 14. Then we ran to the Eilat bus station to buy bus tickets to Tel Aviv the next day.

I hurriedly collected what I could from things, collecting only one suitcase, so that the inspector at the airport would not have a suspicion that we were leaving for a long time. All the other things were left in the apartment and in the villa at the club. On July 15, we left by day bus and were in Tel Aviv in the evening. The bus did not go to Ben Gurion, we drove on some route to the turn where the airport lights were visible, then we went on foot with our things, got lost , but by midnight, sweaty, sweating and tired, we draged ourselves the airport.

It was unusually deserted near the entrance to the airport, we showed the security guard our tickets and he let us pass, although we probably looked a little crazy.

“Yaron, let’s go have a cappuccino, against our usual custom, calm down a little and go slowly to check in for our flight.”

“Yes, of course!”

“How strange, Yaron, will we really never come back here? It breaks my heart!

Yaron, but will the inspector let us through? And suddenly, on the contrary, he will call the military? I’m so nervous that my legs are even shaking.”

“Me too.”

“Let’s go!”

The first check at the airport is a security check.

My son and I approached a woman who looked at us suspiciously, began to ask us a lot of questions about why we did not buy tickets ourselves, why and for how long we were going to Turkey, and then called the male boss.

He took our darkons (foreign passports) and, stepping aside, stared at them intently for several minutes, which seemed endless to us. I think that at this moment, fear and confusion were simply written on our faces.

“Let them pass!” – he said to the woman.

“But, why? The guy is 18, they are…”

“I told you to let them through, I’m the boss here!”

We exhaled.

“The test is passed” – my son whispered to me.

“Wait, we’ll say that when we land in Turkey.”

This happened on the morning of July 16 and a new counttime began for us.

Entangled in a web of fear and fake reality, we still did not fully understand WHAT HAD HAPPENED and what we would have to go through, that Life HAD CHANGED ABRUPTLY FOREVER. We did not understand THEN THAT SUCH A THING WAS POSSIBLE AT ALL, namely, that this whole SITUATION was FAKE, RIGGED, BUT NOT RIGGED BY PEOPLE.

Today, as I write these lines, it has been more than a year since we are wandering around the world and how much pain, anguish and despair we have experienced!!!

We have tried many times to understand and analyze how this could have happened and what motives our energy-informational worlds had to expel us from the country. So far, we have not been able to contact any person from Eilat . If we call them via Whatsapp or messenger, we are answered, moreover, soon after the call…, but only fakes ― fake of Adam, fake of Ariel, fake of Avner, fake of Aviv…

Now we are in Adjara, in Batumi and there is a storm with a thunderstorm on the street. I stand in the doorway and watch as an incredibly heavy downpour floods the yard with streams of water and they, along with thunderclaps, seem to clear my thoughts, wash away my pain and tears from my eyes. Goodbye, my dear Eilat, Ramon Crater, the Israeli desert, I love and remember you!

But I understand that we have to go further and I really hope that very soon we will be able to leave for our native places , which I have been waiting for many years to meet. Hello, Sonora! Hello, Arizona! We should see you soon!!!

And our story continues! Many new , even more interesting, unusual and exciting adventures in Istanbul – a huge and beautiful city on two seas and two parts of the world, are waiting for your attention, dear reader!

Paranormal everyday life. Season 1. Episode 8. Part 2. This is not a mystery and not a lie. This is a paranormal reality. How we were kicked out of our home and out of the country. Not by people. But by who?

“Let’s go! Look, it seems that Nufar is coming to meet us.”


“Hi, guys, you look good! How are you? Have you rented an apartment? Well done! Come to our center, but call in advance. To be honest, everything has not changed for the better. A lot more work has come, and salaries were cut. But I’m happy for you!” – said Nufar, a specialist from the center for work with teenagers, with whom we collaborated to obtain a certificate of remote education for the son.

“It seems to be like this everywhere now” – the son remarked philosophically.

“I’m not at all sure that our employers are planning to pay you a salary.”

And the situation in the diving club where I worked also became extremely tense. The founders of the club, while it was not working in connection with the lockdown, got into debt and became very nervous, irritable and even aggressive.

Almost all the permanent employees who used to live in the villa in the club were fired. And a group of freedivers, with our friends Ariel and Adam, decided to completely separate from the diving club and rent a separate villa for work.

“Yaron, we need to go to the bank of Leumi, withdraw money from the card to pay for the apartment”

“Let’s go!”

“We came, but I don’t understand what is happening here? Why are there so many people near the bank? Yaron, ask the guard.”

“It seems that today we will not be able to withdraw money. The security guard said that the ATM is not working, because the money was not brought today, because a rocket hit the collection car on the way from Beersheba, and he also said that there was a shootout in the bank itself recently.”

“Yaron, this has never happened before, as everything is not changing for the better. Maybe we should go for a walk to the Eilat Mountains, just to relax and clear our thoughts, it usually always helps”

“Well, here we are in the mountains, it’s always good here.

No, not as always, I still feel some kind of anxiety. Now I understand why. Yaron, look at the top of that mountain, there is a group of military personnel, inspecting the surroundings. Yes, there is no sense of calm here either. I’m so afraid that we won’t survive this trip to the army summons, if it’s so difficult for you to even go to school. It is also unpleasant that my bank card is blocked for online purchases due to the state of emergency, and we cannot buy tickets not only for a plane, but even for a bus for 100 shekels or book an apartment on Airbnb for 20 euros. It is uncomfortable that the previously always open borders with Egypt and Jordan, which are within walking distance here, are now closed due to the pandemic. It is spent so much money to build Ramon, our new international airport in Eilat, and it only works for local flights. Why?

Yes, and judging by what it is written in the news, Ben Gurion can be closed any day and a new lockdown will begin very soon and all movements will be very limited.”

“Yes, everything is changing very seriously” – the son replied.

Indeed, the pressure and constant anxiety seemed to hang in the air, which was unusual for the usually cheerful sunny Israel.

“What to do, Yaron? It is clearly necessary to leave the club, and after all, in the future maybe to leave for the States?”

“Well, we have already reached the club”

“Look, there’s Adam here, let’s talk to him about this all.” Picture Adam “Hi, Yaron, Maayan! Yes, this is a serious topic, but I don’t want to discuss it here, it has become too uncomfortable here, now you don’t know what to expect from the founders of the club. Let’s better phone each other later. Yes, Ariel and I are going to rent a villa ourselves for work, so I’ll see you there soon.”

Thus, all serious conversations began to take place on the phone.

Judging by them, almost all of our friends were concerned and even frightened by the arisen situation and wanted to leave the country. We spent hours discussing such possibilities with them on the phone and have not even closely realize that we were not talking to these people or EVEN to PEOPLE IN GENERAL, ALTHOUGH THE TIMBRE AND INTONATION OF THE VOICE THAT WE HEARD FROM THE PHONE WERE EXACTLY THE SAME AS THOSE OF OUR FRIENDS.

Aviv, a cheerful, but rather frivolous young guy, a former manager of the club, judging by telephone conversations with “him”, frightening of a possible summons to the army, left all his things in a rented apartment and tried to go to Poland with a small suitcase to visit our mutual acquaitance Robert, spent two days at the airport, but the flight was canceled.

Adam, whose motto for several years has been “don’t worry be happy”, a freediver on the phone said that he found out that he had been sent a summons and wanted to fly to his relatives in England, but it didn’t work out, the inspecting man at the airport didn’t allow him to exit. He was thinking about leaving the country through the port of Eilat.

Ariel, an experienced freediver and entrepreneur, has said during telephone conversations that it had become difficult in the country and he and his friend Adam were planning to open a freeliving club in Mexico and they invite us to go with them.

Avner, a diver and entrepreneur, again on the phone, told that he allegedly received a French residence permit in March and he urgently needed to leave for France, which he tried to do through the Haifa port, but it did not work out.

We had a strange feeling that all our Israeli friends want to leave the country.

In the summer of 2020, the government announced the beginning of the annexation of the Palestinian territories, which could lead to a general mobilization. And my son is 18, we are convinced pacifists and vegans, who are unable to offend even a fly and whom even a military uniform puts into a stupor, and the army is perceived as something that cannot be survived and in which it is impossible to participate. And Yaron also suffers from social phobia, it is difficult for him (and me too) to be in school or other large institutions, and we received from the doctor permission and recommendations for remote training, a single case in Eilat.

And then a note from the army comes to the phone that the son must go to Beersheba on July 30 for the first summons.

Only after almost a year, when I began to write this episode, I realized that there was NO NOTE ABOUT THE SUMMONS. That is, it certainly was, but it was NOT written by PEOPLE and was FAKE, FALSE.

As soon as I realized this, I just felt with complete confidence inside myself that this is exactly the case, as laughter and a not very flattering comment “Suckers!” were heard from the laptop.

It was only then that we remembered that the note did not even specify the specific time of the visit and the address of the military base.

Moreover, we didn’t even notice it then, we were so paralyzed by fear, which made fools of us.

But we have met Adam and Ariel many times outside the villa, Eilat is a small city, and they were often driving and plied around the city, Adam always especially greeted us with a three-time horn, and if it occurred to us to talk to him or Ariel in person, then this whole fake staging would crumble. We would have might finally realized that our energy-informational worlds simply played us out and would not have left anywhere. But for what purpose did they so persistently and stubbornly expel us from Israel?

Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Episode 8. Part 1. This is not mysticism and not a lie. This is a paranormal reality. How we were kicked out of the house and out of the country. Not by people. By who?

This is a real story and a very sad episode for us, which radically changed our lives.
Now, as I write these lines, more than a year has passed since those events, but I don’t care I feel like my heart literally breaks when describing them.

“Yaron, what are we going to do today, where do you prefer to stay overnight?” – I asked my son, in the evening of the day following the extreme night in the rented apartment.

“Anywhere, but not there!” – he replied.

“Then let’s go!” – I said and we quietly made our way to the spare room in the diving club.

This went on for several evenings until our maneuver was noticed by employers.

“Maayan and Yaron, you rented an apartment, why are you spending the night in the diving club?”

I blushed, not knowing what to say, and mumbled, “It’s so stuffy, it smells of paint, we’re uncomfortable there, I want to terminate the contract. Can we come back here for now?”

“Good! You would just say right away. And deal with the owners, guys, call off the payment.”

“Of course! Thank you! It turned out so inconvenient! It’s good, Yaron, that the situation with that apartment has been resolved, I’m not yet ready to look for a new one. “

Several months have passed, during which 2020 has come, another ineffective elections to the Knesset have been held, the era of coronavirus has begun and the first lockdown has passed.

By the end of May, we again, although not without internal fears, returned to the idea of ​​renting an apartment. We were prompted by a new site for finding apartments komo.co.il and on it we found what we wanted nearby literally 50 yards from the diving club in Nut Lane.

This time, the apartment met all the parameters we wanted.

It was part of a villa, had a separate entrance and we had a separate courtyard with a table, chairs and a large mirror, and we could also use the large outer courtyard of the villa, where there were sun loungers, fig trees and flowers. Its owner, Moshe, was a pleasant, benevolent man, always ready for dialogue, and our neighbors were always friendly and attentive to us.

“Yaron, it’s good that we rented this apartment, I like it so much! And the place, everything we wanted!”

“Yes, and me too!”

“How good it is to relax here from the hustle and bustle of the villa and lunch seems to have a completely different taste, right?”

“Yes, I also enjoy peace and quiet.”

“Let’s try to spend the night here one of these days. What do you think?”

“I don’t know. Remembering that night in Grape Lane, I’m not sure. It’s good that we didn’t tell anyone that we rented an apartment.
Let’s go to the diving club, it’s too late.”

“Okay! It’s really two minutes to walk here. Here we are. Let’s settle down. I’ll set my alarm on the phone at 5.30, as usual, make breakfast, hang in my yoga hammock, and wake you up at 6.30. Ok?”

“Okay! But why is the alarm ringing now?”

“Yes, it’s true! There is some kind of creeping line on top of the phone. It says “if you spend the night in that apartment, you won’t live long.”

“As usual, some horror!”

“But to tempt fate, to be honest, after the memorable events on Grape, I don’t want to!”

“I totally agree with you!”

“You know, Yaron, I am so worried that someone does not find out about all these paranormalities of ours and we are not considered some strange personalities or psychos.”

“I also think about it from time to time.”

Taught and tortured by negative experience, we feared … everything
It was as if we were in a dense web of fear, which did not allow us to reasonably ponder and analyze what was happening …

“No, we do not live on Eilat Street, we live in a city with that name” – said his son, answering the call during lunch in an apartment on Nut Lane.

“This is a landlord of an apartment in another city. Listen to what he says.” – my son told me

“You need to move out of your apartment on Eilat Street within a month, it will soon become completely unusable, at first occasionally, and then the water supply and power supply will completely stop working” – said a man’s voice in the phone.

“Thank you, but we live in the city of Eilat, in Nut Lane, not on Eilat street”

“I hope you understand me, by October it will be completely impossible to live in the apartment!!!”

“Yaron, what do you think about this! Strange call, isn’t it? Is this another hint? He didn’t seem to hear what we were telling him. I got the feeling that it was not about an apartment, but about the situation in the country that lately has not changed for the better. You too?” – I asked my son.

“Yes. Moreover, do you remember those notes that appeared in an incomprehensible way on our phones? Do you remember that it said that we cannot live in this country in any apartment?”

“Yes, I remember. I hope it was an exaggeration.
Although we seem to be constantly prompted to another country for life, this is the United States, but we still cannot get there now, we do not have a visa, and the Consulate in Tel Aviv because of the coronavirus does not seem to work”

“Yaron, look there is a saguaro cactus painted on the gate! It is as if something happens to me when I see it.
Yaron, look, this cactus looks like a little saguaro, right?
How beautiful it is!
When I see them, I feel some kind of joy and sadness at the same time, as if where they are, this is my home, but it is far away and whether I will ever get there – I don’t know. And you?”

“I find nothing extraordinary in them.”

“Remember to go to the school website and see the information you need.”

“I remember right now …
Look, this is some other Goldwater School. There are other photos and it is written in English, not Hebrew. It seems to be Goldwater School in Tucson, Arizona, USA. What does it mean?”

“I don’t know. Maybe we should go there? Do you hear this song? ”I love you, Arizona!” How did it turn on by itself on the computer? You didn’t play it, did you?”

“No, I didn’t even know about its existence.”

“What a touching song. I already have tears flowing, as if my house is there, but I can’t get there!”

“Arizona is waiting for you!” – a half-child’s voice said from the laptop.

“What? Who’s saying this?”

“Arizona is waiting for you!” – repeated the same voice from the laptop.

“Yeah! Let’s go better clear our minds, Yaron, they are already overheated …”

Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 1. Episode 7. Extreme – crazy overnight stay in a rented apartment.

“Accept our congratulations, guys, we are very glad that you have finally found the desired apartment with a yard and your favorite cacti, as you wanted” – the employers told us.

“Yeah! Only how can I tell them now that we are not very sure whether it is possible to live there?” – we thought.
It was Friday, the city was gradually enveloped in twilight and the thought of the upcoming overnight stay began to disturb us more and more.

“Yaron, let’s decide what to do. After all the events that happened in that apartment, to be honest, I’m afraid to spend the night in it. Yes, I’m afraid!”

“But what to do?
If we now stay overnight at the diving club, when we told everyone that we rented an apartment, no one will understand us.”

“Maybe you just need to tune in to the positive and boldly go to our separate apartment. Any reasonable person would say that what happened to us is just “nonsense and nonsense.”

“Yeah! You are so determined! I wonder if you have the courage to go to sleep inside the apartment?”

“To be honest, I’m not at all sure about this. But can we pull out the second sofa into the yard, especially since one is already there and get a rest in the fresh air?”

“And this is an idea. Let’s take a couple of warm blankets with us from here. Because winter nights are cool even in Eilat.”

“Well, we got here. What’s so terrible about it? We’re not going to spend the night inside the house” – said the son, when we settled down rather comfortably on the sofas in the courtyard of the rented apartment.
“Yeah! It’s funny enough when people rent an apartment, but they themselves are afraid to go inside. By the way, Yaron, I got so drunk on tea from all my worries that now I can’t stand to take one walk. But I’m not ready to go inside, so I’ll go outside, there still usually no one walks even during the day. And you wait for me, okay?” – I said, and went outside the courtyard into the street through the iron door of the high gates with stakes on top.
After a couple of minutes, returning back, I was puzzled by a new problem.

The door, which was latching from the inside, even from the outside, was somehow locked in some unknown way, and all my attempts to push the latch turned out to be in vain.

“How could she close like that, I don’t understand? What to do now? How to get inside?”

If I knock loudly, I can wake up the owners, they go to bed early. It will be very inconvenient!

“Yaron! Yaron! You are not sleeping! Please open the door!”

“Yaron! Yaron!”

“Why can’t he hear? He couldn’t fall asleep so fast, could he?”

“Yaron! Yaron! Open up please!”

“It looks like it’s useless!”

“I must try to climb over the fence. But it is so tall and most importantly, these long stakes, and on the other side there is nowhere to put foot.”

“What to do?” – I pondered the situation, perched higher on the fence, so that the courtyard was in my line of sight.
What is happening there?

The light in our house came on and went out and flashed again and went out again.

Obviously, something amiss is going on there, it worries me very much. Where is Yaron, why can’t he hear me? I can’t climb. What to do?

“Oh, Yaron! Finally! Where have you been?
Didn’t you hear me screaming and calling you?”

“No, I dozed off”

“And you didn’t turn on the lights in the apartment?”

“No, I didn’t go there”

“We rushed there sooner, something is clearly happening there …” – I said and ran to the apartment, from within which some kind of vague noise was heard.

And when I, full of anxious premonitions, opened the door, we saw that from all the taps – in the kitchen and in the bathroom, water was flowing with might and main … on the floor, since the drain hoses were pulled out below, like last time. But this time, water also flowed from the shower, the hose from which lay on the floor of the shower.
The washing machine came to life again and again
In some unknown way, its wire … turned out to be plugged into the outlet, her door was closed, the washing program was set, and at the same time the drain plug was unscrewed and water from it was also poured into the floor.

And on the floor there is already a layer of water two inches high.

“Yaron, look what’s going on here!”

“No comments!”

I rushed to close the taps and insert the drain hoses, the outlet from the washing machine, when I pulled it, fortunately I accidentally pulled out with the “meat”. Then, with a bucket and a shovel, I began hastily to collect water, hoping that this “wonderful” picture would not be seen by the owners. But, as soon as I managed to remove at least some of the water, the taps opened again and, of course, the drain hoses were pulled out again.
And finally, already as if indignant at my stupidity and lack of understanding that I should have just left there long ago, the massive metal front door began to slowly but inexorably close.
“Yaron, Yaron, come here soon! Hold the door! Help! You know that I have claustrophobia! I am terrified of closed doors. And I don’t want to be doused with toilet cleaner!”
Yaron! Fuh! It kind of opened up!”
But I don’t understand what to do with this water, I’ll try to remove it all the same.
Oh, Yaron, the door, please hold it, it closes again!
Let me come out of here, I do not want to be closed here and doused with poisonous liquids! Brr!
I’ll try to put things in order in the morning.
Let’s try to sleep now. “

Except that a blanket flew to the roof of our guest house several times and I had to get it out with a mop, because it was cold without it.

And the disappearance of the sandals in which I came and my phone, nothing else strange or scary until the morning happened.

And in the morning when we are timid
we settled down in the courtyard to have breakfast and drink tea after a very difficult night, the keys to the apartment, which had previously been hanging in the keyhole, disappeared, and the apartment itself turned out to be closed …

Then my bag disappeared, which contained our passports and credit cards, money …
It was then that I felt that I could no longer do this.
I sat dumb and
complete shock and not knowing what to do …
“Yaron, if the bag is not found, or rather does not appear, I do not understand what is the best way to proceed?
Go to work, to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to the police, to the bank? To say that everything was stolen from us? Where? Who? How?
All these options are extremely absurd and unpleasant “

However, after a while the situation, fortunately, was resolved.
“Yaron, Yaron, the door has opened!
God, what a relief, my bag is here, it’s on the table.
And here is the phone.
What happiness! Now there are only sandals left so that you can go to them. Of course, if anything, then I will go to the diving club barefoot.

Yaron, and here is one sandals, for some reason it fell into an electric kettle.

“But the second one also falls.”

As soon as the necessary things were returned to us, nothing more delayed us there.

“Yaron, they haven’t returned our keys? How are we going to close the door?”

Here on the boiler a red light came on warningly, as if advising us to be more agile, and we decided to leave as soon as possible, closing the door.

A few hours after the end of my work, we walked from the “Gourmet” store.

“I will never spend the night in that apartment again. “- I said with feeling.

And right there in front of me, from above, almost touching my nose, keys fell onto the pavement.

Several days passed before we decided to make a sortie to the apartment in Grape Lane to pick up our things.

“I’ll wait for you here, if you don’t mind” – said the son, stopping at the gate of the house.

“Okay, I will try to quickly! I will try to concentrate within myself!”

“I sort of collected everything, everything is fine. Come on, I don’t want to linger here” – I said, leaving the house with my things in a few minutes.

As you probably understood, we refused to rent that apartment.

And since then we have become afraid of washing machines …

To be continued…

Season 1. Episode 6. Crazy life in a rented apartment.

“Yaron, we did it! We finally found it!”

And we now have a separate yard with my favorite cacti. Are you satisfied with our new apartment? “

“I don’t know. I’m not sure if we were in a hurry.”

“To be honest, so am I.”

After many unsuccessful attempts, we still found and rented an apartment at a private house in Grape Lane from a very elderly couple.
Whether it was luck or a test, judge for yourself, dear readers!

As we wanted, these apartments were a separate guest house near the entrance gate. It had a separate courtyard planted with many flowers, which included a sofa and a table with chairs. A beautiful greenhouse with different types of cacti, fig trees and bright beautiful flowers led to the owners’ house. The territory of the house was surrounded by a high fence and it was located in a quiet cottage area, 10 minutes walk from work.


“Yaron, today, as I finish my work at the diving club, we will go to lunch in a new apartment, finally we will feel in peace and solitude, we have been waiting for this for so long.”


“Well, here we are in the apartment, and you don’t want to take a walk, see the surroundings?” – I asked my son.

“I do not mind”

“Yaron, what is this fruit? You don’t know? It’s so big …”

“This is Azimin, they were artificially planted, I saw such a fruit on Wikipedia.”

“Why did it fall right in front of me? And this one too? And here’s another one?”

“You know, I somehow don’t like it. What if the next one falls on me? This is somehow not very cool!
Yaron, maybe we’d better go to lunch! Delicious food usually improves mood, right?
It’s been a long time since we enjoyed lunch in silence and solitude.”

“Excellent! I’m all for it!”

“It was delicious! How nice it is when there is peace and quiet around, but somewhy head is pressing hard. You too?” – I asked my son when we finished the meal.

“There is such a thing” – he replied.

“Okay, I’ll go wash the dishes.
Everything is in order!
Now we can relax!
Yaron, what is it? Look at the toaster, the red mains light is on and it heats up, but we didn’t turn it on, it’s completely unpleasant, how can this be?”

The light on the toaster seemed to signal the start of the “fun”.

The next to go on the attack were the jars carefully left by the owners – dispensers with liquid soap and some other green color with a pungent smell of toilet cleaner. They began to seem to come to life and pour their contents onto the surrounding objects …

“Yaron, what’s going on?
Look, all kitchen cabinets are already splattered with liquid soap!
This dispenser is like sprinkling the soap itself. How can this be?
Yaron, the apartment was so clean, I am so unconvient about the owners! And this soap is so hard to wash!”

“Oh, Yaron!
My hair, it’s all in soap!

No, it’s even worse!
This pungent smell of toilet cleaner is coming from my hair!”

“Yaron, this is awful!
I must clean them up as soon as possible!
Yaron, as soon as I wash off some of the soap, a new portion immediately appears on my hair. What to do?
Yaron, can you hear the water pouring?”

We turned around and saw that the washing machine literally came to life!

Indeed, in some unknown incredible way, the wire from it (which had been lying on the floor before) … turned out to be plugged into the outlet, the mains light came on, the washing program was set, the door closed and at the same time … the drain plug opened!!!! … and water was already pouring out of it by flow onto the floor.

And it happened in a matter of seconds.

“Yaron, this is just some kind of nightmare!” – I said, pulling out the machine’s wire from the outlet and seeing that now the water began to flow simultaneously from the tap in the kitchen and from the tap in the bathroom.

And it flowed from the taps … straight to the floor because the drain hoses in the sinks were pulled out, and the toilet hose was pulled out too … and water was flowing from it, too, right onto the floor.

As I turned off the taps and tried to eliminate the flood, my clothes and hair were completely wet and splattered with that acrid green and yellow odorous liquid soap. My whole body and head itched.

“Yaron, this is unbearable! I can’t stand this anymore, please take the packet with our things and run soon!”

We closed the door and took to ran to the diving club.
I sobbed softly and tapped my teeth on my way from the cold and stress.

“Yaron, Yaron! So it can’t be! Look as if someone is chasing me and again and again is sprinkling on me this soapy liquid from the dispenser? Now I again hear this sound, as if someone presses the sprayer and I feel more caustic liquid falling on my hair. How is this possible …? “

“Finally, here it is, the diving club. We got.”

We went into the brightly lit hall of the villa, where people were sitting and doing some kind of their own, ordinary, so cute, routine businesses.

“Yaron, it’s great that there are always people here and it’s so cozy and calm!
But look, Aviv (club manager) is coming to us, you talk to him, and I will run to wash myself in the Sweet apartments, fortunately, they are free, and the key is hanging there. It is better that no one sees me up close in such a “soapy” look, because how to explain this?”

I hurriedly ran to the shower and turned on the water, dreaming of finally washing myself.

“Well, calm down already, please! I need to wash off this chemistry!” – I turned to someone invisible.

But it did not want to calm down and now it was throwing my own things at me right into the shower stall – a shirt, sandals, etc.

I have picked them up and laid them on the bathroom floor and sobbing quietly, tried to ignore what was happening as much as possible.

Gradually everything began to calm down.

“Yaron, how nice it is to see familiar friendly people and feel warm and safe!
This is a very pleasant feeling!
Are you starting to move away from stress too? “
“Yes, you know, we must have looked so weird when we got here, but Aviv didn’t even ask anything. Sometimes he’s so cute!”

How Amazing Life is!
At that time we did not yet know what new unexpected “adventures” have been prepared for us in the apartment on Grape Lane.

More on this is in the next episode.

A Wonderful travel through Amazing Life!

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Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 1. Episode 5. Conversations not with a person, not with a robot. And with whom????

“Yaron, tell me, aren’t you tired of living in the diving club? Do you want to find a separate cozy apartment for us?”

“I don’t know, honestly I don’t care.”

“And I want to. No, I like that I don’t have to go to work in the morning, I like to lunch in the yard at different tables and…


Simultaneously admire the blue of the Gulf of Aqaba and the delicate tints of the colors of my beloved Edom Mountains, but I want to have my own space.

I want us to have a separate apartment with a large courtyard, where can enjoy the silence, peace and solitude, be alone with your thoughts, but here is always crowded. You looked at yad 2 today, is there something new?”

“Yes, of course there is, I’ll call now”

“Tell the money and checks are already in my bag.” (in order to rent an apartment in Israel for a year, the owner is issued bank checks for 12 months in advance)


“Good! I said that, but the hostess says that she needs to cook the soup, it is better to call her later. And I thought that it was more important for people to rent an apartment out than to cook soup.”

“Yes, amazing. Me too. Call someone else.”

“Here an elderly woman says that her grandson will show the apartment later, but now he needs to take a bath.”

“Yeah, strange owners, won’t say anything! It seems that they really don’t need renting out an apartment, but they want to play a trick on us.”


“Finally! I found an apartment and we can come to see it closer to 5 pm, that is, we can already go out.”

“Hurray! Let’s go quickly, I’m in impatience!”

“Yaron, is there an apartment for rent in this house? Maybe this is the one with such a pretty yard, how do you think?”

“I don’t know. Let’s call the hostess.”

“Good evening! We made an appointment with you to rent an apartment. We are near the house.”

“Okay. I’m at a hardware store, choosing goods for repair. I’ll be there in half an hour. Will you wait?” – said a woman’s voice in the phone.

“Of course! We would like to rent an apartment today if we like it. We have the money and checks with us. We are waiting for you! Did I say that correctly?”

“Of course, Yaron! I’m glad we finally found something real.”

“Yaron, call the hostess again, ask where she is, see how much time has passed.”

“Yes, I’m already typing her.
Good evening again! How long will it take to arrive and show you the apartment? “

“I’m at the checkout. Now I’m counting out! I can not talk.”

“A strange hostess, don’t you think, Yaron? It seems that she is not at all in the mood to rent out an apartment. Call her back again.”

“Hello! Should we wait for you?” – the son asked laconically.

“Yes, of course. Now I will pick up the child from the kindergarten on the way and drive up, show the apartment. The apartment is good, if we conclude an agreement today, then I will reduce well the price.”

“Great! Let’s hope Yaron!”

“Of course, I think we’ll have to wait.”

“Yaron, this is already unbearable, call again!”

“Excuse me, where are you already?”

“The child wanted a chocolate bar on the way. We are already in the store next to the house.”

“Yeah, it looks like they’re playing a trick on us, but why?”

“Yaron, call the landlady for the last time.”

“Excuse me, are we waiting for you or not?” – asked the son.

Voice in the phone: “Of course, wait, if you want to see the apartment. The apartment and the price is good, it will go away quickly. I’m in a black Nissan crossover, I’m already driving up to the parking lot next to the house, you’ll see me.”

“Yaron, I think it’s completely pointless to stay further. Not a single black Nissan has driven up and parked during this time.
It looks like someone just laughed at us …
We waited four hours!!!”

Or it was like this …

“Yaron, why doesn’t the owner of the house tell you the address if he really wants to rent out the apartment? You told him that we are ready to conclude an agreement today?”


“So what? We’ve been looking for some house without an address for an hour now, guided by the owner’s instructions.”


“He says that we are almost there. Is this the intersection of Argaman and Yotam streets?” – the son asked the owner of the rental house.

“Yes. There is house 192 on the corner, and the next one …”

“1 9 4 ??? !!!” – my son and I screamed at the same time.

“Yaron, these streets are parallel, of course, there is no such house.”

“Ha-ha! Fool!” – said a woman’s voice in English in the phone, although before that we spoke with a man in Hebrew.


“Yaron, what is this? Is it really laughter or did it hear to me?”

“Ha ha! Fool!” – the voice in the phone spoke clearly and distinctly once again.

“How can it be, Yaron? Who were we talking to?”

And whose voice does it sound like? Is really to mine? Do you understand anything?”

“Nothing! I understand very clearly only one thing – that the viewing of the apartment is clearly not taking place today.”

“That’s for sure.”


We were completely at a loss, and to be honest, we were overwhelmed with violent emotions at such an incomprehensible behavior of the owners of the apartments, and we told everyone at work – divers and employers and tourists – about it, and people in response to these stories looked at us strangely.

It didn’t even occur to us then – that all these strange telephone conversations were fake and that we were not talking to people.

We realized this much later.

To be continued…


A Wonderful travel through Amazing Life!

Dear Readers!

We bring to your attention not fictional, but real unusual, unexplained episodes from our life, our energy-informational teaching at the school of Amazing Life.

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We bring to your attention not fictional, but real unusual, unexplained episodes from our life, our energy-informational teaching at the school of Amazing Life. The materials published in our blog are quite exclusive. For the inquisitive mind, for those who want to know more, we offer also weekly mailing of new materials that will not be published on the blog by e-mail.


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Unexplained episodes from everyday life Season 1. Episode 4. An obsessive melody … from nowhere … and other adventures at the Diving Club “A”


That night, my son and I comfortably settled in Family, a cozy apartment on the ground floor with a separate exit to the courtyard.

“Good night, dear” – I said to my son, falling into a dream and suddenly, almost jumped on the bed, … again this obsessive melody of the song “Let me move drunk on the dance floor …”

“Well, after all, we are no longer on Eilot! This song is like a nightmare! Where does it come from? I don’t even want to remember the so-called “adventures” in that apartment on Eilot Street with neighbors who are lovers of alcohol!
Where does this sound come from, as if it comes from the son’s bed?

“Yaron, did you take your phone with you and is it now “having fun” under your pillow?” – I asked.


“No, I didn’t take it, it stayed on the charger in the lobby of the villa, we took only your phone here and it lies on the table and obviously the sound is not coming from it.”

“Yaron, how inconvenient it is! You know that there is a hostel across the wall from us, where the guys who work here spend the night. What will they think of us? That we are secret alcoholics?”

“Let’s see, maybe the phone has teleported and lies under the pillow or mattress?”

“Yaron, I don’t understand how this can be. We shook up all the bed linen, pillows, and mattress, but found nothing, and the sound is still coming from your bed. Do you understand anything?

Do you know that, according to the logic of things, the sound could only come from your phone, let’s go see all the same and is it really in the lobby of the villa or not?”

“I do not mind, I am also interested, let’s go!” – answered the son.


“Yes, here it is, on the spot. I don’t understand anything! Well, let’s go back to sleep.”
“Yes, everything seems to have calmed down. Maybe even will get enough sleep” – we thought hopefully, returning to Family and plunging into a sweet slumber.

“Oh, it seems to be starting again! Yaron, I already have hair and a pillow and a jacket, everything is wet”

Indeed, as if someone invisible from nowhere, from above and from the side, periodically splashed at me about a bowl of clean cool water at a time.

“Yaron, I still won’t be able to sleep, I’m already all wet, let’s go outside!”

We ran out of the apartment, but the invisible one seemed unable to calm down and continued to splash water in us in the yard.

“Let’s go there, outside the territory of the villa, there are benches nearby, maybe we can take a nap there.
Water was poured over again!
Let’s go there to Love Square!

And here the same thing!
And here, too, this watering does not stop! I’m already all wet, as if I’ve bathed in the sea.
And today there is still such a strong wind. I was already completely chilled. Yaron, can we try to return to Family? It’s even warm there.”

“Let’s try, we are not risking anything” – said the son.

“I hope no one will watch the video camera tomorrow, as we run all night here, otherwise they will just consider us crazy.”


“Anyway, what to do now?”

” Yes, you are right.”

We returned to “Family”.

“Yaron, our beds are all wet, let’s turn the mattresses over with the dry side”


“Yes, we tried in vain! Again! Well, now they are already wet! All our attempts to take a nap today are clearly doomed to failure. Let’s go for a walk a little, soon it’s already five in the morning.”

At about 6 in the morning, when we returned to the apartment, everything finally calmed down and, oddly enough, we both did not feel tired, but felt an amazing feeling of inner relief, as if this water cleared us, washing away some unnecessary dirt on the energy-information plane …

I think it was so…
And the sound seemed to come from the son’s phone, which instantly teleported from one place to another, so we could not find it.

After all, this Life is really Amazing, it is full of secrets and mysteries, and how an exciting journey through it!

To be continued…

A Wonderful travel through Amazing Life!

Dear Readers!

We bring to your attention not fictional, but real unusual, unexplained episodes from our life, our energy-informational teaching at the school of Amazing Life.

The materials published in our blog are quite exclusive. For the inquisitive mind, for those who want to know more, we offer both individual consultations and weekly mailing of new materials that will not be published on the blog by e-mail.

Thank you for your attention and see you soon
Your Amazing Life

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We bring to your attention not fictional, but real unusual, unexplained episodes from our life, our energy-informational teaching at the school of Amazing Life. The materials published in our blog are quite exclusive. For the inquisitive mind, for those who want to know more, we offer also weekly mailing of new materials that will not be published on the blog by e-mail.


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